WhatsApp Business App Is Coming To iPhone

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One very strong attribute of successful businesses is their ability to respond to customers’ demands and expectations.

It is in this light that WhatsApp can be said to be a responsive business as one of the requests of users, which is to be able to use WhatsApp Business app on any device that can run the app, has now been made possible.

Now, the WhatsApp Business app for iOS has been added to the Apple App Store. Like the Android version, it comes with a free download. According to WhatsApp, the app contains features that will enable good communication between small business owners and their customers.

With the app, small business owners will be able to:
1. Provide important information about their businesses
2. Interact with their customers easily via: quick replies, greeting messages, and away messages, which lets customers know when to expect a reply.
3. Have access to WhatsApp web where they can chat from their desktop and also send files.

The app is presently available for free download in Apple App Stores in the
U.S., Indonesia, India, Brazil, Mexico, the U.K. and Germany. In a few weeks, the app will be available all over the world.

In a very competitive global environment as we have it today, the
WhatsApp Business app is certainly a very useful tool.

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