Overcome Constant Power Outage With MTN-Powered Lomus Mobile Electricity

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What is Lomus Mobile Electricity ?

There is no doubt that constant power outage is one major problem which the Nigerian government has been battling to resolve over the years. For this reason, many people have developed lung-related diseases caused from the inhaling of carbon from generating sets. Many businesses have also crumbled or are facing very hard times because of spending so much on providing power for business use.

Contributing its own quarter to solving this enormous problem, telecoms giant, MTN, not too long ago launched the Lomus Mobile Electricity powered by MTN.

With the Lumos Mobile Electricity powered by MTN,  you can now have access to noise-free and carbon-free and cheap electricity for your daily use and conveniently pay with using your MTN airtime. That’s really cool isn’t it? 🙂

With the Lomus Mobile Electricity powered by MTN, you can now enjoy 24 hours of solar electricity that is safe, reliable and affordable. You can light up your room, charge your phones and enjoy cool breeze from your fans, watch television, and use your computers all day, every day. With the DC to AC converter, you can power AC appliances (up to 60 W) such as TVs, fans and laptop.

How can you get on the Lomus Mobile Electricity powered by MTN? 

1. Visit your local MTN store to sign up. Take along with you: your MTN SIM card registered in your name, valid ID and names and details of 2 guarantors.

2. Installation is carried out by MTN’s professional and authorized installers near your location.

3. You pay safely via your MTN mobile phone

4. The payments include a one-time Set-up fee of N26,000 for joining the service, and a minimum of 20 days of electricity every month whether you use the system or not. You can choose any combination from the available plans to meet your 20 days per month minimum usage term. See below:


For uninterrupted power supply, I think that these charges are good 🙂

What do you get to enjoy the Lomus Mobile Electricity powered by MTN?

1. Large 80W solar panel unit and cables
2. Solar indoor unit
3. USB mobile phone charger
4. 2 powerful led bulbs
5. DC to AC converter

How to activate the Lomus Mobile Electricity system?

1.  Ensure that your MTN line registered to Lumos Mobile Electricity has enough credit. It is advisable that you always credit your Lumos system for 30 days a month. Remember that a minimum of 20 days must be paid every month, whether you use the system or not.

2.  Choose a plan from the options above

3.  SMS your chosen plan to 317. (E.g.) for a 30 day plan, SMS “30” to 317.

4. Get a confirmation SMS and start enjoying uninterrupted power supply.

To ensure that you do not have power outage, MTN offers Top-up, Auto renewal and daily fallback as options on all the plans.

How to exit a plan?

To exit a plan simply send Exit to 317. Choosing longer plans gives you the optimal value for your money!

Any other goodies about the Lomus Mobile Electricity powered by MTN?

Yes there is. You can enjoy free electricity supply for 14 days when you refer a friend to join the service. Your friend enjoys 7 free days. To refer a friend   simply SMS your friend’s MTN number to 08133134773. Your friends’ MTN phone number must be 13 digits long and start with 234. Once your friend joins the Lomus Mobile Electricity Service MTN will automatically credit your account with free electricity  for 14 days.

Any other info?

1. As you must have observed, this service is exclusive to only MTN subscribers 🙂

2. If you need more info, please contact an MTN store near you.

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