Security Tips For Your Online Banking

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Online banking has certainly added convenience, speed and comfort to banking. With its introduction and acceptance globally, security consciousness has never been so indispensable.

Despite its many benefits, the hunger and taste for money and more money has continued to make its smooth operation possible.

One place where lots of money can be found is obviously the banks. So, it becomes very necessary for one to be extremely security-conscious with banking activities, especially, online banking. The way it is, no amount of knowledge gathering can be said to be too much.

Here are a few security tips (gotten from my personal experiences and info from my bank) to protect yourself and your hard-earned money:

1. Some malicious mails come with attachments. Be careful with such attachments.In fact, do not open email attachments from senders you do not know or trust. Such mails could actually be malicious software designed to steal vital info from your system. Call your bank if your are skeptical or not sure of what to do.

2. Not all websites are genuine. Links could take you to such malicious sites. Some links might be malicious. So, do not click on any link to access your bank’s online banking portal. Rather, obtain the URL (web address) from your bank and type it yourself into your web browser.

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3. Do not leave the online banking portal open after usage. Log out and close the browser.

4. If you have a computer or smart phone, anti virus and system scanners are indispensable this days. Use very good anti virus and scanners to scan your systems regularly. There are lots of very reliable names available for download – and its free.

5. Be cautious with cyber cafes and other forms of shared internet – hotspots, wireless etc. Since the systems are available for public use, the systems may not be trust-worthy. Also, someone could be stealing vital info like log in details without you noticing. If possible, DO NOT use cyber cafes for your online banking transactions.

6. Keep your passwords strong, and safe. Sometimes, browsers will ask if you want the browser to save your password. Click “NEVER” or “NO’

7. Protect your email account from unautharised sign in. Click here to find out how.

8. Trust NO ONE with your online banking details. Your best friend now could become your worst enemy a minute after.

9. Do not give your system or gadget to ANYONE to help you carry out an online banking transaction. Sometimes, the person may not steal money, but could be careless with vital info.

10. If your online banking App starts malfunctioning, inform your bank. Do not take chances.

11. NEVER respond to text messages or phone call purportedly sent/made by your bank. Do not do what you are told to do or click on links on the message. Report such to your bank.

I hope these tips were useful. Be good to someone by sharing them.

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