Things I would Not Advice Facebook Users To Do On Facebook

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With over one billion Facebook users connected in a way, there is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social media in the world right now. Thus, there is the strong need for users to socialise with caution, wisdom and restraint. Billions of text posts, photos, videos, messages, deals and much more, hit the Facebook servers every day. You see all sorts on Facebook.

Being a regular user, I have come across practices, which I have, in many occasions, had to caution my friends and family members about.

Some of these users are actually not aware of some of the very useful features of Facebook which they can use to either protect themselves and their accounts or probably do not even know how far their posts on Facebook can travel. Some, as I later discovered, do not even know the implications of some of their actions and inactions 🙂

Some of the things which I will not advice a Facebook user to do, are as follows:

1. Displaying your full address on Facebook. Why would you want to do this? I read of a Facebook user who was traced to her home and raped to death. Her assailants, who were later arrested, claimed they could not resist the highly seductively-dressed lady, who made it very easy for them to reach her by posting her full home address on her About page on Facebook. If you must add your address at all, Facebook has made it possible for us to actually select who sees it, including adding specific names of those you want to see the address.

2. Opening up your timeline. I once opened my timeline one day and guess what a “friend” posted on it – an apple cut into two and looking exactly as a vagina. Jesus! Any of my close friends seeing that would definitely have been surprised and probably dissapointed 🙁  At other times, I have read a number of outburst on this same issue of posting gabbage on users’ timeline. So, I had to lock up my timeline. Now I decide what features there. Later, please click here to read up How To Control What Appears On Your Facebook Timeline

3. Limiting your sign in to username and password. Many Facebook users sign in into their accounts using their usernames and passwords. This is not advisableTelling you that there is growing internet insecurity is probably telling you what you already know. Opinions I have sampled show that a lot of Facebook users do not know about the Two-factor Authentication. This is a security feature that makes Facebook to send a log in code to your phone. Thus, to log in into your account you will need your username, password and a log in code. I have already written on this. Click here to find out how.

4. Having a private discussion openly. I usually find it very amusing to find users having very private discussions openly on the comment field. Some even exchange phone numbers and addresses in the process. Rather do this, open up a private chat with the person. Simply click on message on the timeline of your friend. 

5.  Revealing your location. If I feel displaying your full address is not advisable, revealing your movements via Facebook is really  shocking to me. Why would I want people to know every step I was taking? What is the gain in it? How many of my Facebook “friends” and family are really my friends and famliy?  I equally read of a man whose house was burgled. When interrogated, the buglers said they knew the Facebook user was far away in the United States. They got to know via Facebook.  To deactivate this feature,using your mobile phone click as follows: Accounts settings => Location => Location History => OFF

6. Clicking on every link. I will never advice anyone to do this. Be careful with links. Some have malicious intents. If you are not sure of the destination please ignore it. You can check out whether a site (including is safe for browsing by clicking here.

7. Getting excited with “Facebook love.” I will not advice any user to do this, especially where you have never met the “friend” before. Last week, I read of a lady who met with a Facebook “friend” in an hotel. The lady drugged him and carted away his belongings, including a car. Be wise !!!

8. Being carried away by attractive business offers. Business offers are everywhere on Facebook. They are usually very attractive. Be careful, wise and seek advise if necessary. 

9. Thinking that every Facebook “friend” is actually a friend. Not every “friend” on your list is a real friend. Even some family members are just there like monitoring spirits 🙂 on Facebook – monitoring all your posts, sometimes for malicious reasons. So, do not be too revealing to everyone you call a “friend.” Once you are sure and you want to bar them from monitoring you block them. Yeahhh block them 🙂 See how here.

10. Believing all that you see on Facebook. A cute-looking babe with a name like Jessica or Rosemary, might just be a guy like you trying to extort money from an unsuspecting guy like you. A fine looking guy adorning expensive wares and sitting in a posh car, might just be a kidnapper or fraud star looking for his next victim. Use more of your wisdom than your eyes when such “tests” comes your way.

11. Displaying your phone number and email. Avoid unsolicited calls and mails. Hide your phone numbers and email addresses. This advice becomes even more important if that number is attached to an online banking account. 

12. Showing off wealth. Showing off wealth is simply an invitation to stare at you. You simply attract people. With a social media having over a billion members and some of us having thousands of “friends” we have never met or known till date, all sorts of people will certainly be attracted. Be careful.

13. Being too revealing of your private life. I know a few Facebook friends who post almost everything on Facebook – from a quarrel one had with her husband, to a three hour old baby posted by one, to the schools attended by the children of one, to the new car the husband of one bought her…… My advice, you do not know who is viewing your post at any time. Be careful with what you post.

14.  Not exercising restraint in accepting friend requests. Facebook is one playground I know where you can have thousands of friends and yet you are very lonely 🙂 Some of us accept friend request from every one …. I mean everyone. These friends end up being just there in number. Such ‘friends” do not respond to messages or posts and hardly comment on posts, even when you see them as being active online. Imagine someone accepting your friend request without seeing the need to say “Hi.” Such a “friend” is most likely to end up not being a friend all. I have removed over one hundred of such “friends” from my list so far, over the past two weeks.   

That’s it 🙂

I hope my post was worth you time and resources. Please share these useful tips among friends and family.

Cheers 🙂

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