Why Infoplaze Stood Tall In 2016

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With over a billion websites/blogs on the World Wide Web, you can imagine how appreciative I am to you for visiting Infoplaze. It is really a tough and very competitive terrain, where website owners and Bloggers are struggling to get the attention of internet users.

Over the years, I have tried to stay focused and do things my own way – putting up write ups that are very useful, value-driven and worth re-vising. I am glad my blog has attracted a lot of people who appreciate quality and useful info.

To this end, I want to say a big thank you to all those who took time out and spared some data to visit Infoplaze in 2016, and hence made me see the need to keep sharing my tips and info. A very big thank you to you too for starting 2017 with Infoplaze.

Viewing my stats every now and then and seeing visitors’ traffic meant I was doing something that was meaningful and adding value to someone out there, and hence not wasting my time. Thanks a lot for the visits, comments, likes, ratings, criticisms and very encouraging remarks. Thanks a lot too for the Twitter follows and Facebook Page likes.

To God almighty, I cannot thank you enough. I am very appreciative for your support, inspiration and provision to keep the blog running. Thanks a lot 🙂

So, despite all the challenges I faced in 2016, you all made Infoplaze stand tall till today and want to do more. I hope to provide more useful tips and info in 2017, on business, entertainment, ICT and social media, inspiration, family and relationship matters and much more.

Once again, thanks to God almighty and to all my blog visitors…..and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

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Michael M.

INFOPLAZE.COM seeks to be a provider of very useful, family-friendly and ever-green tips and info on education, business, ICT, Inspiration, family and relationship matters, living and life style and much more. If you liked what you read, please share it (them). You can get updates on this blog by filling out the subscription form at the bottom of this page, by following @Infoplaze on Twitter and by liking @Infoplaze on Facebook. Cheers.

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