See How Paul Okoye Psquare Looked Like 15 Years Ago

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Paul Okoye Psquare, is no doubt one of the most successful musical groups in Nigeria and hence, does not need much introduction. Today, he has both fame and fortune really smiling at him in a special way 🙂

However, did he have a silver spoon feeding him as he continued to sojourn in the entertainment industry as some of us might think?

Well, let this picture posted on his Instagram page (rudeboypsquare) answer the question. Here is Paul Okoye Psquare 15 years ago. I hope you get loads of inspiration as you stare at this picture and compare yesterday’s Paul Okoye and today’s Paul Okoye Psquare (2nd right)….

From the comments I read on this pix, Paul Okoye Psquare has inspired a lot of people including me, by sharing this pix. Encourage and inspire someone today too, just like I have done to you, by sharing this post 🙂

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Paul’s pics are courtesy of his Instagram page, rudeboypsquare.

Cheers 🙂

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