You Too Can Be The Best At What You Do

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successEveryone loves awards. I Love awards too. I love being on top. At work, at school and everywhere, I love being outstanding in all my endeavors.

Back in school, I used to be an above average student. My elder brother used to beat me term after term. In terms of position, I used to think that the big numbers were better than the small ones 🙂 I remember running home from school one day after coming 18th in class and my brother came 9th. I boasted that I had beaten him 🙂 Sadly, I was told that my result was not as good as I thought 🙂

I cannot remember anyone giving me a motivational speech on being the best in class. It just became a much-sought-after goal for me. I no longer wanted to beat my elder brother, but to be the best in the class.

The first major thing I did was to really find out why my brother was doing better than I was. One thing was obvious – he knew more than I knew. Why? It’s obvious he loaded his “data bank” with more data than I did. Sincerely, I used to watch TV a lot back in time 🙂 Famous Five, Sesame Street, Voltron, Good Times, Danger Mouse, Invisible Man and a host of other oldies of the ’70s  and ’80s took a lot of my attention. They however generate sweet memories though 🙂 My brother watched less of these. He used to read “too much.” I just wanted to read and pass my examinations.

With the passage of time, my quest for being the best went outside the classroom to include every worthy thing I did, including at work.

Over time, and unconsciously, I have learnt on my own, that to be the best in class, and indeed in any worthy endeavour, one had to:

1.   learn the ways of those who were the best at what they do.
2.   do away, or drastically cut down on every form of distraction that might hold one back at one’s goal.
3.   stay away from friends who had the tendencies of dashing one’s dreams.
4.   be ready to cope with the fact that being the best can be stressful, energy-sapping or even frustrating.
5.   be ready to have and cope with enemies, made up of those who will be envious one’s achievements.
6.   think and act out of the box all the time.
7.   be ready to face criticisms from fault-finders and “enemies.”
8.   accept the fact that sometimes being the best may not guarantee one a fat bank account and exotic properties.
9.   always expect competition.
10. always remember that being the best is not a birth right and had to be worked for continuously to be sustained
11.  accept the fact that EVERYONE can be the best and hence one should never look down on anyone else.
12.  be very determined and focused on set goals, since being the best comes with a lot of challenges and obstacles.
13.  always be ahead of the game, create difficult standards to imitate, be unique, and keep the the gap very wide.
14.  always try to preempt the thoughts and actions of competitors.
15.  always remember that a lot of people are waiting to see one fall. Do not give them that joy 🙂
16.  a lot of people are looking up to you as a role model. Do not disappoint them.
17.  ignore the “you cannot do it” discouraging pronouncements from people. Give them a surprise.
18.  It is easier to be the best than to maintain it.
19.  remember that God promotes and can also cast down. So, always be humble and appreciative……ALWAYS.
20.  Persevere, be focused, be determined and have a strong will.

These principles, which I call Michael’s Principles Of Being The Best, applies to every sphere of life where there is competition – work place, business, entertainment, arts, science, education…name it.

One fact stands – very few people can stick to these principles. The result is that one person, most often than not, emerges the best at the end of the day.

Having learnt and applied these principles, have I been winning “Best” Awards? 🙂  At school, work and blogging, I have many “Best Staff…..” and “Best Student……” and all sorts of awards in blogging – all by applying these principles 🙂

Do you have any other principle(s)? I would glad be if you could share them here 🙂

You too can be the best 🙂
Cheers 🙂


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Michael M.

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