My Perception Of What Real Beauty Means

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Beauty means different things to different people and ladies in particular. Their perception of beauty, to a large extent, determines what they do to look beautiful.

This explains why some ladies go as far as having artificial implants in their boobs and buttocks to look beautiful. To some, looking beautiful needs some adjustments to their eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, lips, jaws and much more.

Yet to some, to look beautiful, they must wear tight and skimpy clothes that exposes their laps and clothes which makes it possible for them to flaunt their boobs (sometimes, up to 98% exposure) to the admiration and bewilderment alike, of people. Covering their boobs, to them, is like hiding their beauty. Interestingly, some married men who are supposed to caution their wives buy them these clothes 🙂

Still, some spend so much money on expensive and flashy clothes and jewelries just to look beautiful. Some, who cannot afford it, borrow from friends to wear before going out.

Well, different strokes for different folks. Its a free world. So, I am entitled to my own opinion 🙂

For me, beauty is not in how much of your boobs you make available for me and everyone else to stare at 🙂 It is not in wearing tight, seductive and see-through dresses, which unfortunately, creates negative impressions about you. It is not in wearing make ups which makes you look more like a doll, scary or even ugly. It is not in wearing artificial body parts, that may eventually become complex health issues for you in future. Neither is it in wearing expensive clothes, jewelries and other fashion apparels.

Rather, beauty is in being simple, modest, decent before right thinking people and looking at your natural being on a mirror and appreciating the good work of God upon you and and being proud of it. It is certainly not being seductive or revealing body parts that are generally regarded as PRIVATE. I belief a lady can still look lovely, trendy and decent without being SEDUCTIVE and too artificial. Remember, that I will address you the way you dress. I grew up hearing this. I also know that people communicate via the clothes they where.

Wondering how my ideal “Miss Cute” will look like? 🙂 Then check out this post image of my lovely sister. She actually inspired me to do this post 🙂 I am proud of her 🙂 Her pix says it all 🙂

Tanks for reading up my opinion 🙂 I will appreciate reading yours 🙂

Cheers 🙂


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Michael M.

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