Factors That Affects Internet Speed

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A friend of mine complained to me that he was not enjoying the internet speed of his service provider as much as I claimed to be enjoying the internet services of the same service provider. I explained to him some of the factors that could be responsible for slow connections or no connections at all.

Since such complaints are common, I decided to share our discussion on Infoplaze.com.

Slow internet connection can be very annoying and frustrating. Many telecom operators had lost some of their subscribers (like me 🙂 ) as a result of this. However, the good news is that in some cases, these problem can actually be solved by us, the subscribers. What needs be done is to first find out the cause of the problem. In some cases, the service providers might be free of blame.

These are some of the factors that could be responsible for slow internet connection or no connection at all….

1. Quality of the device. This is a major factor that can affect your internet connection. Some gadgets are so sophisticated that web pages and apps open with ease. While some have very poor processors. Even the pages they load clearly shows the quality of the device. As someone who has used a poor quality phone and very good smartphones, I know the role sophistication plays in internet speed.

2. Volume of traffic on the network. Did you notice that internet connections are far better, if not very good in the mid night? This is because a lot of users are sleeping and hence, reduced traffic on the network. This happens “when a network gives birth to too many babies it did not prepare to take care of.” I hope you understand what I mean 🙂 This is common with networks that offer very attractive data plans and did not prepare well in terms of infrastructure and personnel, to cope with the expected upsurge in traffic.

3. Your location. Not all internet service providers have national spread. So, those who will enjoy their services are obviously those who live in and around where these companies deploy their equipment. So, you are bound to have connectivity problems if your area of residence or work is not within the reach of your service providers’ connectivity. For uninterrupted connections (except occasionally), go for service providers with very wide coverage.

4. Whether your device is set to 2G or 3G or higher. I have had to change  the internet settings of a friend’s phone, who. apparently, did not know the implications of choosing the 2G connection option on his phone. Prior to that time, he was experiencing very slow connection and sometimes no connection at all in some locations. 3G (or higher) is a faster and newer technology and should be chosen for faster connectivity.

5. The available memory on your device. The available memory on your device also affects the speed with which your devices processes data. In the cause of using smart devices, disposable files, data you can do without, caches in the system, installation files and other useless files accumulate to slow down the devices or cause them to function inappropriately. So, minimise on downloads and heaping up of avoidable files on your device.

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6. The quality and memory space of your browser. Your browser also plays an important role in internet speed. I have used a number of both web and mobile browsers. On my computer, I have used Firefox, Opera, Explorer, Edge, Chrome among others. I have also used the following mobile browsers: UC browser, Opera, Firefox and then Chrome. With this experience, I can tell you confidently that browser functionality, in terms of internet speed, differs from browser to browser. So, you might consider changing your browser if you are experiencing slow internet speed (other things being equal).

Also, the memory of your browser also affects internet speed. Regularly, you need to free up the memory of your browser by deleting your browsing history.

7. Bad weather. A bad weather can affect your internet speed. A storm, for example, can damage equipment  and or reduce their functionality. Experience has proven this to be very true.

8. Service provider’s inadequacies. My compilation will be incomplete without adding the inadequacies of the service providers. Some of them use outdated methods and technology to deal with modern-day usage and requirements. Some offer very cheap data plans which attract very high demand and traffic that overwhelm their equipment and personnel. While some are too profit-conscious to about quality service.

I hope my compilation was useful in a way. Please do me the favour of sharing the info.

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Cheers 🙂

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