How I Got Inspired by Tuface Idibia

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tufaceNigeria’s Innocent Idibia, a.k.a Tuface, a.k.a 2Baba, a.k.a. Tuface Idibia, is certainly someone that needs no introduction. His hit and evergreen song African Queen (2004) , is certainly one of the best written, composed and performed songs by an Artist, globally. This was my first “introduction” to 2baba. His other songs like Ifana Ibaga, See Me So, Ihe Neme, If Love Is A Crime, Keep On Rocking, 4Instance and E Be Like Say, have all thrilled and dazzled his fans including me, for years. 

I listen to and watch all genre of music – including the ones I don’t even understand what the artist is saying 🙂 Just name it 🙂 One thing I do a lot when listening to songs, is to carefully listen to the lyrics. The lyrics gets my continuous attention. I try to get the message the Artist is trying to pass across. Especially when a song comes with very poor instrumentation, inability for the song to have a reasonable or clear message could really turn me off.

This said, few days ago, I took time out to watch Tuface’s Oya Come Make We Go (featuring Sauti Sol), released this year, on one of the music stations. Its not the first time I have heard the song, but its the first time I will actually sit down and watch the video. It was really worth my time. The song filled me with inspiration. These days you could do with lots of inspiration 🙂 2Baba says:

I know people keep on telling you
Their is nothing like a miracle
If you try
In this circle of life
But I am an example
I know that you can make it in this life
If only you try
Stand up and beat up your chest
Don’t let nobody tell you make you settle for less

Sauti Sol comes up with….

If you don’t try, you don’t get
and if you don’t go then you never ever know (no)
if you don’t jump, you never fly
and if you don’t fall then you never feel the pain
cos time is a healer
pain is a teacher

This beautiful song comes with a very inspiring video that me and my children loved a lot. It’s about a child (about 7-8 yrs old ). She watched on TV, a rocket fly into the sky and then an Astronaut  apparently came out from the rocket. She smiled and was obviously inspired. The mum came and switched off the TV and probably asked her to go to bed. Next day, on her way to/from school, she stopped by a book seller and bought a book on SPACE. She read the book and other related books and then started gathering scraps and parts to build her own rocket 🙂 She eventually did. I loved the part where the mum gave her an helmet for the first launch of her “rocket.” It was very emotional for me….and very inspiring 🙂

So, my friend, is there anything you would have loved to do and you have been casting doubts about your abilities? Or perhaps you have been having challenges? I strongly recommend this song to you, preferably the video. You will surely be fired up. In these days that you hear and watch all sorts of trash in the name of music, this song is certainly in all perspectives. Even though it is written in pidgin English, those who do not understand the language will certainly find their way around it, especially the video. Thumbs up to you 2Baba and Sauti Sol.

So my friend…..

oya come we go
make we go to all the places wey we talk say we go like to go before make we go,
– 2baba

Cheers 🙂

2Baba’s pix is courtesy of his Facebook fan page.


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