Globacom Pushes Up Its Data Plan Offers

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gloGlobacom’s very enticing data plans has been an interesting subject lately. But just like a company that knows how well to put competitors in check, Globacom, simply called Glo, Nigeria’s first indigenous telecoms operator, decided to raise the bar so high, almost hitting the roof.

I had to go for the network when I heard about their massive, but cheap data plans. Since the taste of the pudding is in the eating, I decided to use it before writing about it. Even though there were connection problems sometimes, I found the data plans to be worthy of my money. Need I say here that every technology has its low moment(s).

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However, yesterday, at the expiration of the one month 6 GB data plan I bought for N2000, yeah N2000, I decided to re-subscribe. There, I discovered that there had been an upward review in some data allowances, while the prices stayed the same like I saw them last month. That’s really cool for people like us who consume a lot of data.

Below is just a few of Glo’s enticing data offers (30 days) and upward reviews (where applicable)….

N10002 GB3.2 GB
N20006 GB7.5 GB
N250010 GBSAME
N300012 GBSAME
N400018 GBSAME
N500024 GBSAME
N50005 GB+6.25 GB on campus+N5000 airtime + 1.25 GBSAME
N800048 GBSAME
N1500060 GBSAME
N20002GB 2.5 GB on campus + N2000 airtime + 500MB to giftSAME

To view more enticing data plans from Glo….

1. dial *777#
2. select “Data services” (option 1) and press “send”
3. Select “Buy data” (option 1) and press “send”
4. Select the type of plan you want and press “send.” Options includes: small plans, monthly plans, mega plans, most used plans, campus booster, data booster or night and weekend plans 🙂

In all of these, you do not need to know the applicable code for each data plan as it used to be the case for all the networks. Simply type the number against the option you want and press “send.”

That’s it 🙂

Happy surfing and tanks for your time 🙂

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