Some Info Bloggers Should Consider Before Settling For An Affiliate Program 

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stuart-milesAs Bloggers, searching for a good affiliate program(s) with which you can montize your blog, can be a tough exercise, when one considers the very large number of affiliate programs that exists these days, with very enticing offers.

Last weekend, I spent a whole day searching for a program that I could add to my existing ones to increase my stream of income. The experience was very revealing and I felt I should share it with fellow Bloggers or intending Bloggers.

In my course of my search and after signing up for a couple affiliate programs in the course of my blogging, I discovered that the following are very important things to note when choosing or settling for an affiliate program…

Read the terms and conditions. I saw a couple of attractive programs, but I decided to to exercise patience and read their terms and conditions before registering. It paid off as some of the so-called attractive programs had very unfavourable terms, as far as I was concerned. What is favourable to one Blogger might turn out to be unacceptable to another. So, read the terms and condition of the program before you go too far.

Search for reviews. Reviews are extremely important in your decision making. Reading other Affiliates’ or previous Affiliates’ experience would help you to take a decision. Reviews usually covers a lot of issues such as payments, affiliate support, ads displays/behaviour, malware, reliability of the company and the owners and much more. As they say “experience is the best teacher.” So, do a web search about the affiliate program you want to join.

Find out the minimum payout. The essence of joining an affiliate program is to make money. Simple 🙂 So, where it will take you “forever” to reach the minimum pay out, then it is not worth the efforts. Some companies set their minimum payouts so high that most Bloggers might not attain them in years, especially the new Bloggers. A low payout is good as it encourages the Blogger and provides regular cash, at least to cover running costs.

How good is the Support? An affiliate program without a responsive support staff is not worth it at all. It can be very frustrating if you have issues about the program and you cannot get any response from the company. I have had to drop some  programs in the past because of this. However, some companies are so well organised that as soon as you join, they will assign an Affiliate Manager to you. So, if you have already joined a program and the support staff is never available, it might be a sign of a scam program. Note that I used the words “might be.”

Consider your traffic origin. Some companies actually discriminate in their payouts. That is, they pay more for traffic that emanated from some particular countries and less for others. So, you need to know where most of your traffic emanates from so that you don’t join a program that will be paying peanuts to you simply because you are returning traffic form those countries where they pay less.

Regularity of payments. As note earlier, every Blogger joins an affiliate program to make money and NOT to listen to or read excuses for non payment or delayed payment. If the program you joined doers not pay as expected, then I will advice you take a walk 🙂  From reviews I have read, some companies either slash payment or do not pay at all, with flimsy and dubious reasons to back up their fraudulent action. Do not waste you time with such companies. Be that as it may, some good companies actually have good and tenable reasons for either delaying or not paying at all.  

Ad quality and behavior. As a Blogger, you make money from the ads you display. So, if the ads are of poor quality, always the same, not stable or does not even show at all, then you can be rest assured that you will make very little money or nothing. How sad. If it persists and the support staff are not giving an acceptable explanation, then you might consider saying adieu 🙂 

Your content. I also discovered that some companies will actually accept you, but your earnings will be affected by your content. In fact, reading some reviews have shown that some companies use this excuse to cut your earnings or refuse payment. This, again, goes back to carefully reading the terms and conditions of the programs before signing up.

How much they pay. Some companies the run affiliate programs pay peanuts. If you are a small blog with low traffic, it might take forever to reach their minimum payouts. The following affiliate programs pay reasonable figures (click on each to view): Tolet, Jumia market, Alternative ads,, Nairapp and a few others. Except for Media,net, the affiliate programs are run by Nigerian companies. Remember that running too many affiliate posts on your blog increases the bounce rate of your blog.

I am sure my tips and info were useful. Please kindly share to other Bloggers and intending Bloggers 🙂

Cheers 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Some Info Bloggers Should Consider Before Settling For An Affiliate Program 

  • October 15, 2016 at 6:56 pm

    Some think because so and so is doing it, they too can just jump in, and the cash will start rolling lol Some useful tips there.

    • October 16, 2016 at 7:54 am

      We really need to get it right so that we don’t end up with fruitless efforts. Tanks for contributing my friend 🙂


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