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stuart-miles2Apps (shortened form of applications) are softwares written by individuals and organisations to extend the functionalities and capabilities of smart devices. They also add beauty to the screens of the smart devices. This is one outstanding feature included in their functionality.

Be that as it may, while every smart device user have apps on their gadgets, not all are aware of the tips and info that this posts contains. While using apps I have come up with the following tips and info which I want to share:

Be careful with app permissions. Did you notice that each time you want to download apps, you will be required to give some permissions. They include permissions to access your identity, contacts, photos/media/files, Wi-Fi connection information, location and other personal details. Please before you click ACCEPT, think again if…

1. It is worth it, and
2. If the app developer is a reputable or trusted individual or organisation.

Indeed, permissions enable the apps to work properly. But not being cautious could lead to giving out contents of your phone to someone or organisation with malicious intents.

I will advice you visit your security settings and turn on app permissions. This notifies you of any permissions that comes with a download. Not turning this on means that downloads will be done without seeking your permissions for accessing some of your phone’s content. This is not good.

Take update serious. Whenever there is an update for an app, you should get a notification. Please update immediately or as soon as possible. Some of the updates could be addressing security issues which is a very critical issue these days. Sometimes they may be bug (mistake, flaws, malfunction) fixes which impact on proper functionality of the app.

Every app update comes with “what’s new.” This should help you to take a decision.

Delete the apps if it is not working well. I had to wipe the memory of my former BlackBerry phone after it stopped working. It gave me a white screen and a code. The malfunction occurred after I downloaded an app. The app refused to work and I kept trying. A Google search revealed that the code was synonymous with a faulty app download. So, if you download an app and it does not work well, delete immediately.

Download from app store of your phone. One risky thing to do is to download apps from. This is not advisable. It is safer to download them from your phone’s app store such as App Store (iPhone), Google Play (Android), Windows Store (Microsoft Windows) or BlackBerry World (BlackBerry).

In the security settings for Android phones, there is a feature which allows or disallows you to install apps from unknown sources. It is advisable to uncheck the box so that you will be warned whenever you want to download from untrusted sites.

Also, another security feature on Android phones enables you to be warned before installing apps that may cause harm. Simply check the box. If you are using other phones, please check the security features of your phones.

Be conscious of the phone’s memory. There is no doubt that apps constitutes a very large percentage of a phone’s memory. Interestingly, some smartphone and tablet users download even apps that they can do without 🙂 This can lead to the freezing of your phone screen or slow down the speed of your phone.

Next time you download, compare the file size shown during the download and what you will eventually see under app list. The latter is usually greater. So be conscious of the size of the app you are downloading and the memory space remaining on your phone.

One thing you can do here is to move some of your apps to the memory card, if your phone brand comes with one. This frees up your phone memory for better performance,

Read reviews. At the bottom of each app, there is always reviews made by those who have downloaded and used it before. I always read this before any download. An app with beautiful colours on its page (on the app store) may just be the poison that will destroy your phone 🙂 Experience they say, is the best teacher. So, find out from those who have used (or are using) the app before and use it to make a decision. It makes sense to do this. What do you think? 🙂

So, that’s it. I have shared my knowledge and experience with you, please do someone a favour by sharing this post with friends and other acquaintances 🙂

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Cheers 🙂

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