How A Man Can Make A Happy Marriage

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imagerymajesticIn my last post I shared how a woman can make a happy marriage. I did promise to share how a man can make a marriage to be a happy one. No doubt, the last post was a blessing to many marriages, especially my visitor I referred to in my last post.

Straightaway, please allow me to share with you the roles a man can play to make his marriage and home an enjoyable one. My compilation is also derived from my experience in marriage, what I see around me and my interactions with friends and blog visitors. Please read on….

1. Marry for love. Just like I advised the ladies, marry for love. Do not marry for looks, wealth, education or other attributes, other than true love. This is what will guarantee a long-lasting and time-tested marriage. Where true love is not the basis of your marriage, you will realise one day that you made a huge mistake.

2. Be a supportive and caring family head. Yes, God, tradition and the society made you the head of the family. I agree. But if you want a real happy marriage, please be supportive to your wife. DO NOT turn her into a slave who should do ALL the work in the house. I sweep, clean the the house, wash the dishes, empty the garbage bin, take care of my children and wait for it….. I cook 🙂 I use to boast to my wife that the only thing she can do which I cannot do is to get pregnant 🙂 Even my children enjoy doing household chores with me and they love it 🙂 On a weekend, when your wife is in the kitchen, you will not be a weak or foolish man if you and your children share the remaining household chores. This boost the family and the marriage bond.

3. Provide for your family. Provide for your family needs withing your ability, and do not be an arrogant, proud, unreasonable and tyrant family head. I know a few men who dress very well and really look good. Sadly, the wife and children are the complete opposite. I know of a man who would never let his wife know that he has been paid his salary. He squanders his money among club girls and men of similar mentality. Build and provide for your home. This will impact a great deal on your marriage. Remember that God almighty, in the holy Bible, frowns against men who do not provide for their families.

4. Keep your female friends at bay. Have friends. Its OK. Have female friends. Its OK. But remember that once you are married, these babes can create serious problems for you and your marriage. So, let them maintain a safe gap.

5. Keep your marital problems within the family. Just as I wrote for the ladies, as much as you can, keep your marriage problems away from outsiders, who may not even mean well for your marriage. I am aware that some men gossip a lot 🙂 Sharing your problems simply creates an opportunity for it to be blown out of proportion. It also makes your little family secrets to become an issue of public discourse. Do you like that?

6. Appreciate and encourage your wife. Just as men love to be praised, women even love it more. In fact, they love to be pampered. Go ahead. Make them blush once in a while 🙂 Especially where your wife does so much work in the house, giving her a nice treat outside or a nice gift will be splendid. It should not be a daily thing so that they don’t expect gifts before they do anything 🙂 You know them 🙂 The main focus here is to show a sign of appreciation. Think of a nice way of saying “thank you.”

7.  Do not be a wife beater. Some women can really be a handful to cope with. Some can push you to the wall. Some will actually grab you and tell you to kill them 🙂 I have witnessed it before 🙂 Apart from being a barbaric trait of a man, it is also very dangerous. Just a push or a simple punch can send a woman to her untimely grave. You know what follows. What to do when you are provoked to the limits? Take a walk. Leave the scene. As much as you can, remain silent. Avoid exposing your little marital problems and secrets to the “world.” These are what I do. Do anything you can to avoid doing or saying what you will regret for the rest of your life !!!! A word is enough for the wise 🙂  

8. Be tolerant. Just like I wrote for the ladies, a man needs to put on the garment of tolerance and endurance. A man who is old enough to declare his intention to get married, should know what a typical woman is capable of 🙂 By extension, he should know what his wife-to-be or wife is capable of. If he is able to address this, quarreling will be kept to the barest minimum.

9. Keep your mind off divorce or separation. As I noted in my last post, every marriage has its share of problems. Do not be quick to throw your wife’s properties outside each time you have a quarrel or consider a divorce. I have seen and heard of this before. Find a solution for the problem and keep your marriage intact, especially when you have children.

10. Keep the communication line permanently open. A lot of marriages are having problems today because of the break down of communication between the couple. Talk to your wife about family issues. She is not supposed to know about family issues from outsiders. Do not bottle up grievances. Open up to her and not outsiders. Do not be a boring husband, thus making your wife to look for company even when you are around. Some women who spend most of their time on social media (especially Facebook), even when their husbands are around, do so out of boredom or frustration or both.

11. Be prayerful. Finally, always pray for your marriage and home. God has the ability to put your marriage in a perfect condition and help you in regularly fine-tuning it 🙂

That’s it. Promise kept.

I hope my post was worth your time? Please share if it did 🙂

Thanks for visiting 🙂

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Michael M.

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4 thoughts on “How A Man Can Make A Happy Marriage

  • August 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    I am really bless to know and read @infoplaze articles. It is inspirational and educative. It enable new couple like myself to keep firm on what I believe marriage should be & taste. Thanks you for educating thousands of REAL MEN & WOMEN to do right…

    Best wishes.

    • August 12, 2016 at 9:37 am

      Thanks a lot my brother 🙂 Your comment is equally very inspiring. It feels good to know that my words of advice was useful to you. Tanks again and tanks even more for sparing time and resources to visit Infoplaze. Cheers and best wishes too 🙂

  • October 23, 2016 at 6:59 am

    Nice points, though people should not stay in marriage because of children. I don’t support divorce but where some ones live is at risk and there is abuse of all kinds, if that person keeps enduring without seeking for help, he/ she may endure in that marriage and become emotionally and psychologically ill or even lose his or her life. It is better to be happy in a marriage, living and caring for your kids, than enduring and one day that person loses his/ her mind or dies living those children . When there are issues concerning life, one should be wise enough to seek for help and if possible from outside the marriage so as to be normal and live to take care of those kids.

    • October 23, 2016 at 9:26 am

      Tanks a lot for coming here to drop your very useful views. Marriage is a very complicated relationship platform. In fact, after 20 yrs of marriage, some couples are still learning the art of doing it right 🙂 Hence, views such as yours and write-ups such as mine would definitely be of great use for many couples 🙂 Once more, tanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and God bless you real good for visiting Infoplaze. Please take some little time to see some other cool posts 🙂


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