Why You Need To Have A Backup For The Files In Your Gadgets

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smart deviceI never appreciated how important file backup was until last weekend. Imagine trying to open your gadget – phone, computer or tablet – and it refuses to open or the screen simply hangs making it impossible for you to access it. Then, you call an Engineer who tells you that solving the problem might lead to losing every file and apps you loaded on the gadget.

Well, this was the situation I found myself over the weekend. I actually subscribe to cloud storage, but not yet (by last weekend it) for my new phone. However, fortunately for me, I ended up giving my phone to another Engineer who repaired my phone with my files intact. That was a huge relief for me. I could have lost all my files, especially the birthday pictures of my children, for which I had no backup. You can  easily guess what I did as soon as my phone was up and running again 🙂

Apart from not having access to your gadgets, your files can be “consumed” by virus or simply corrupted without giving you any notice or warning. You can also accidentally delete your files and empty your recycle bin, only to discover later that you should not have taken those steps.

So, the message of this post is very simple and direct – BACKUP YOUR FILES NOW!!!

How to backup your files?
You can backup your files using any, or a combination of these options:
1. Storage devices – There are quite a number of storage devices you can chose from. The very popular ones includes compact discs, memory cards, external hard drives and flash drives. You can use your computer to backup the files on your phone or tablet and vice versa. You can also print out your files. Hard copies are also a very good means of storage.

2. Cloud storage. This is increasingly becoming very popular. It involves storing your files in the servers of companies who provide this modern-day storage facilities. The companies simply store your files and make them available to you when you need them. All you need to do is to sign up for their service and you are good to go.

These companies offer varied free storage capacities with limits, with the possibility of upgrading the storage limits for a fee. They also make it possible for you to download their Apps on your gadgets so that you can get real time updates for your stored files as you create and update them. That way you can be rest assured that your files are being stored in their secure servers as you create and update them. That’s cool. Isn’t it 🙂

The most common and very reliable cloud storage services are :

i.    Dropbox from Dropbox
ii.   Google Drive from Google
iii.  OneDrive from Microsoft
iv.  Flickr from Yahoo
iv.  Amazon Drive from Amazon

A web search on these services would provide more info about each.

There are others. But the ones listed above are from companies that are household names, and they are also companies I have used (and still use) their services. Hence, my preference for them on my post. Simply type “cloud storage services” on the search bar of a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc) and you are sure to get useful search results.

I hope my post was a wake-up call for you. Do not procrastinate as I did. BACKUP YOUR FILES NOW!!!

Cheers 🙂

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