10 Reasons Why The Social Media Is Good For You

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facebookI had an interesting discussion with a friend who is not interested in any social media. She still communicates and reaches out to friends, family, customers and business associates the old fashion way. Her reason? She is not encouraged by the kind of things she finds on social media sites, especially Facebook 🙂 While what she said made some sense, I still told her that she was acting on ignorance 🙂

I hear it all the time (and read it too) that “Knowledge is power.” Where you lack it, you lose a lot, or create an unnecessary wall around yourself. For instance, what my friend did not know was that there was a way one can control what appeared on his or her Facebook timeline. Click here to read my post on this.

Even though the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Reddit and YouTube have their bad and very ugly sides, one cannot rule out their enormous benefits to individuals and corporate organisations.

Please find below my list of 10 reasons why you should get on board or maximise the usefulness of the social media. My list also includes some of the benefits which I shared with my friend which led to my opening a Facebook and Twitter accounts for my friend 🙂

1. Cheap means of discussing with a large audience. Imagine having to reach a wide audience scattered all over the world. Imagine if their opinion was needed and urgently too. You could have made a call. Perhaps one after the other, or set up a conference call or a video call. Good. But these cannot be cheaper than setting up a group chat on Facebook.  This can be with customers, friends or family members.

How to set up a group chat?
* On the chat window, simply click on theicon.
* Select “Add friends to chat.”
* Enter the names of the friends you want to chat with and you are good to go.

2. Cheap means of reaching a wide audience. As a businessman or woman, advertisement cost constitute a reasonable percentage of an organisation’s operational cost. Some simply avoid adverts because of the cost implication. But ads form part of most successful businesses, especially in this very competitive business climate that we are all operating under. But, via social media, you can  reach a very large audience. For example, aside from using your timeline on the media, there are groups made up of millions of people. Some have hundreds of thousands of members. You can also create your own Group or Page and attract members or likes. When you consider the viral nature of the internet, you will agree with me that social media ads travel very far; sometimes farther than the traditional ad media. This is done, at a cost far cheaper than the traditional ad media.

3. File sharing. All the social media make file sharing possible. While a wedding was going on in Nigeria, family and friends of the couple were getting the pictures and videos of the occasion in far way USA, France and UK, as they were snapped and recorded. That’s cool isn’t it? 🙂

As a businessman or woman, imagine having some products which you wanted your customers or potential customers to view and make a decision – either image or video. The social media, especially Facebook, is agog with this on a daily basis. All you need do is just inbox the item to the contact and you are hopeful on a sale. The alternative is to send a parcel or mail attachment. But if you use a social media platform, you also have the ability to chat with the person and get instantaneous reaction which you can react to.

4. Tackles stress. Imagine if you needed to show someone something and have a discussion over it. Just take a photo of it. Inbox it and have have your chat as well. Also, imagine if you had to introduce your wares by taking them to the homes or offices of all your friends? Well, the social media takes this stress away. In addition, it also makes it possible for you to show the wares to friends of friends and still chat in the process.

5. Breaks distance barriers. Distance is no more a barrier these days in reaching people. In fact, I don’t know where most of my friends live, But I can still reach them whenever I want to reach them with just a few clicks on my phone 🙂 Same goes for businessmen and women who need to reach their customers.

6. Keeps you connected. One powerful advantage of the social media is the fact that it keeps you connected to friends, family, customers and business associates at all times. It was a fantastic reunion when I got connected to my friend that we lost touch for over 20 years via Facebook. Now, anytime I need to reach him, it cost me a few clicks. 

7. Powerful information tool. Social media platforms are not only good for business deals and keeping in touch with people, it has also turned out to be a powerful tool for disseminating information. Politicians, religious leaders and government functionaries also use them to reach out to their the target audience. From here, you get a lot of information from these sources, by following them or liking their Pages, or just just viewing their social media accounts.

8. A means of sharing your views. The social media has been a means of sharing your short views where your “friends” can read. In Facebook, you can add “Notes” to your profile. Twitter and Google+ and other social media also allows you to do a add your views to your profile too. As a Blogger, nearly all the major social media platforms allows you to connect your blog to them such that your blog posts are posted to them automatically when you publish your posts. That’s cool. Isn’t it? 🙂

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9. A means of growing professionally. Some social media like LinkedIn, which is more of a professional media, allows you to hook up with professionals of like minds. This allows for knowledge sharing as well as career and professional development.

10. Keeping up with the times. My compilation will not be complete without adding the fact that the world is moving towards a becoming global village…..or has it become one already? 🙂  One very important component of this structure is obviously the social media. One should not be left out on this 🙂

I hope my compilation was worth your time and money.

Thanks for visiting Infoplaze 🙂

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