Why You Should Be Cautious With The Social Media

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fantasistaIn my last post, I gave 10 reasons I gave thumbs up for the social media. In it I did note that “…the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Badoo, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Reddit, YouTube, have their bad and very ugly sides….”

In a bid to a balanced job, I would be sharing with you some ugly sides of the social media. Please read on….

1. Source of death. Many people have lost their life from activities connected to the social media. Some have been traced to their homes (as revealed by the victims), some had arranged meetings with strangers without any security precautions, while others have madly and unreasonably fallen in love with strangers which led to their untimely death. Be cautious.

2. Many marriages and relationships have been ruined. Many marriages and relationships which have existed for a very long time have been ruined after “friendships” made via the social media. Some have even been sealed up in a divorce. It happens everyday. Be cautious.

3. Loss of valuable time. Some people have have found the social media to be highly irresistible. A s a result, so much time is spent unproductively behind the screen. Did you notice that most students spend more time on phones than with their studies? The aftermath is not far-fetched such as nose-diving academic performance, loss of concentration in class, delayed or non submission of assignments and much more. So, be cautious.

4. Negative Addiction. Another negative effect of the social media is the tendency to become addicted…..as if a spirit is attached to it 🙂 A woman once said she cannot buy her children a smartphone until they are through with secondary school. The mistake here is that addiction to social media cuts across people of all ages. In very annoying instances, you see a user actually using the phone or tablet on the highway, obviously oblivious of where they were. This is very common among the ladies 🙂 Be cautious.

5. Source of fraud. Everyday people lose lots of money to fraudsters on the social media. People use all sorts of means to extort money from unsuspecting users. Sometimes a very pretty lady might actually be a man. In some cases men use ladies to exhort money from other men who find it hard to control themselves when they see pretty ladies 🙂 So, be cautious.

6. Source of malware. Some bad guys post links that lead to the download of malware such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and spyware, to your devices or computers. Suck links look real or normal, but actually lead to something really bad. So, be cautious.

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7. Source of sexual immorality. On the internet, nudity is on the wide spread. In fact, as a Blogger, I noticed that Bloggers who do nudity usually have more traffic. Well, same goes for the social media. Nudity is everywhere. For parents who are trying to bring up their children in a decent and God-fearing way, the social media is surely going to ruin your efforts. Even where it is not outright porn, you still see “friends” who post or share scaled down versions of porn to gaze at 🙂  So, be cautious.

8. Costs money. I cannot write on the negative side of the social media without mentioning the financial implications. Especially when the user has crossed to the addiction level, the spending on internet connection could be worth the worry. So, be cautious.

9. Privacy Issues. Due to the viral nature of the internet, anything you post on any social platform becomes available for public consumption. A lot of people are not comfortable with this. But some post everything….I mean everything. My advice? Always be mindful of the fact that anything you post online travels very far. So, only post what you do not mind everyone seeing.

10. A place of malicious rumours and fake news. Everyday, all sorts of information fly around on the social media (and instant messaging platforms) – good, bad, nauseating, the unimaginable and FAKE AND BASELESS news and rumours !!! Last year, I saw a post about one of my banks that was reported to have been taken over by the Central Bank of Nigeria that day. Like in countless cases, the person who shared the message did not care to check the date on the newspaper report that was attached to the message. It was actually a 2016 newspaper report and this was in 2017. Imagine the emotional trauma I was put through.

What about finding a picture been circulated with different stories attached to it. As you know, bad news spreads like wild fire. Recently, I saw a familiar accident scene on Facebook and WhasApp. One reported it as an attack by a named group of people on Lagos-Shagamu expressway. Another reported it as a similar attack on Lagos-Benin expressway. Meanwhile, I have seen this same “ugly” picture some years ago, being reported as an accident scene.

My take? Be cautious with what flies around on the social media and the instant messaging platforms, especially WhatsApp. Do not swallow hook, line and sinker, every news you find on them. Worse still, DO NOT SHARE UNCONFIRMED NEWS, ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT CAN LEAD TO CHAOS AND UNNECESSARY AND LIFE-THREATENING PANIC !!! 🙂

I hope my post opened up some previously ignored areas of the social media?

Please share the post to enlighten someone out there. Tanks 🙂

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