Twelve Reasons Why You Should Have A Smart Device

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smart deviceI am one of those who strongly believes that smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, phablets and smartwatches, form part of the best creations of man in recent times. For me, its been an amazing experience having been around on planet earth 🙂 before and after the massive developments that we have come to see in the world of telecommunication.

To say the least, these devices have lived up to their description – and that is being really SMART 🙂

This post is the aftermath of what I will call a long “struggle” to make some acquaintances see reasons why they need to join what I may call the SMARTWORLD 🙂 Its possible that you may be having a similar struggle.

Below, I will be sharing twelve benefits, most of which I have enjoyed, of having a smart device(s). These benefits are also intended to awaken some users to other benefits of these devices. You will agree with me that most smart devices are really under-utilised.

Here I go…

Being in tune with global trends – There is no better way to start other than saying that having smart devices, or at least a smartphone, automatically makes you appear like someone who is in tune with current trends, even if all you do is to make and receive calls and text messaging 🙂 It, in a way, raises your status, especially if you can afford one of the big names like Apple and Samsung.

Convenience – I remember back in time, I had to wait until I reach a computer to be able to do things like check my emails or type documents. Today, I can conveniently access my emails on the go, download attachments, edit them and resend them – all with my tab or phone. This has been extremely useful for me at work.

Time and energy savings – Years back, you had to physically go to a bank, shopping mall, Airline or taxi park to carry out transactions, place orders or make bookings. Today, with your smart devices, you can, through beautifully and intelligently crafted apps, do all of these and more, in the comfort of your living room. This saves you a lot of energy. There is also the speed advantage. It also saves you the costs involved in moving from one place to another.

Cheaper instant messaging – Years back, I sent my messages via text messages, emails and sometimes, letters. This media cannot be compared to chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, 2go, Viber and a host of other Instant messaging media/App that exists today. Apart from being cheaper and fast, they also allow you to send attachments such as documents, images and video. This, for me, has been very handy for both socialising and office tasks.

Socialising – No doubt, one of the greatest use of smart devices has been socialising. Hardly would you find a smart device without social media Apps like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and a host of others. Back in time, the Cyber Cafes made a lot of money from customers who wanted to visit these sites. Today, these sites, now in the form of Apps are easily and conveniently accessed on smart devices.

Security concerns – Having your own smart device takes care of two security issues. Often times, innocent people form part of those taken away from cyber cafes during raids by security operatives. Not having your device makes you frequent the cafes thus exposing you to such risks.

Secondly, cyber cafes have been known to be a place where a lot of people have had their usernames and passwords stolen. I heard that, unkwown to the cafe owners, some users used to install softwares on the cafes’ computers which steal and send usernames and passwords to those who installed them. So, play safe. Get your smart device and use it more often.

Easy and fast access to information – Before I got my first smartphone, I used to call up friends in relevant fields to get information. That practice has gone with the sands of time. Today, you can Google and browse the internet for any info on any field from your smartphone. You can also use Google maps to find places. There are also several news Apps, most of which are free. So, rather than ask questions, I now provide the information for my acquaintances.

Work, home, health and learning aids – Today, smart devices’ manufacturers make available, tons of Apps which are very useful for our health, work, home and studies. These Apps simplify what was previously done with stress and at a higher cost. More interestingly, they are mostly free.

Usable as camera and camcorder – I have witnessed a number of times when smartphones and tablets were used to take shots and record memorable moments of events. I have done this a number of times. For the good brands, the image qualities contests with some popular cameras and camcorders.

An added advantage here is that the pics and videos can be sent immediately to friends and family or posted on any of the social media platforms.

Usable as a security tool – Smart devices complement the security features put in place by some companies like Microsoft, Dropbox, Facebook and others. These companies have Apps which generate codes which are used to log in to these sites. How useful this can be.

Usable as a blogging tool – I actually did this post using my phone. That is quite convenient for me and other Bloggers whose blogging platforms have Apps.

Usable as an organizer – Finally, if you have a very busy schedule like mine, your smart device could be a very useful Personal Assistant, reminding you of what you need to do, places you need to go to, people you need to call and generally making you more organised.

Drawback – However, to really enjoy  a smart device you will need internet access which cost money. You can check out my post on how to cut down on data usage on smart devices by clicking here. 

So, if you have not joined  the SmartWorld, please do because things are changing too fast these days. Do not be left behind 🙂

Thanks for your time 🙂

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