Six Checks To Carry Out Before Leaving The Phone Dealer’s Shop

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Imagine buying a lovely phone, probably an expensive one, and getting home to discover that some of its functions are either misbehaving or just not working at all, or that some key Apps, like the App Store, are just not there at all. It could even be the best of brands like Microsoft’s Window phones, Google’s Android phones, Apple’s iPhones, Samsung or a Techno phone or other big names.

To make things worse, imagine you having to travel very far to go and make a complaint at the shop where you bought it. Worse still, imagine it happening on a weekend where you are told to come on Monday, after placing a call to the shop.

Well, I have been there before, hence the need for this post. No doubt, waiting a while to do some checks before leaving might not go down well with you, but it could save you a lot of hassles that follows a discovery, later at home, that what you took home, was not what you would have loved to take home.

Please allow me to share with you some very important checks you should exercise a little bit of patience to carry out on your phone before leaving the dealer’s shop (my focus is on smartphones) :-

Make your first call – This is very important. This ascertains the “health” of the ear and mouth piece of the phone. A friend bought a phone and came to complain to me that he was not hearing anything from the other end. I checked and discovered that the ear piece was bad, It was a factory error. He had to travel very far to complain. Imagine the inconvenience. Making this call also confirms that the network connectivity is working.

Check the charging – This is equally very important as the fact that a phone is a brand new one is no guarantee that all is well with the phone. Another friend bought a phone and discovered that the charging port of the phone was not working at all. The dealer refused to replace it. He claimed that it was power surge from my friend’s end that damaged the phone. From experience, I have discovered that the fact there is a charging sign on the battery icon on the screen, is no guarantee that the charger or charging port is working well. So exercise patience to see that the battery is actually being charged.

Check the key Apps – I once bought a Blackberry phone and later discovered that it did not have an App World 🙂  I had almost reached home when I discovered. I had to go back to the shop – extra transport cost and very annoying stress. Also, a colleague bought a phone that had a WhatsApp icon that does not work and cannot be replaced. So, take time out to check for key apps like the App Stores, Email, Settings, Messages and others, to be sure you have not bought a cloned phone of another manufacturer.

Test the camera – It is important to note that a good looking pair of camera lens at the back and front of a phone is no guarantee that the camera can actually take shots. let alone work as a camcorder. The only way to find out is to test it.

Check the Screen sensitivity for a while – A good phone (a smart phone) should have a very good screen that does not need too much pressure to operate. I once helped a colleague to check out a phone. The screen was very unresponsive. According to her she did not find it necessary to run a check on the screen sensitivity.

Closely related here is to check the keypad to ensure that it is working very well.

Check for originality – This is the hardest 🙂 Those who clone the phones of the big brands are getting more and more sophisticated in their cloning abilities. Thus it takes an eagle eye and deep a very good knowledge of phones to be able to identify the fake phones. However, the checks above can be very helpful in determining whether a phone is original or not. Another thing I usually recommend is to buy phones from reputable dealers, especially the sales outlets of the phone manufacturers. They are everywhere.

So, that’s it. Avoid the stress and costs of buying the wrong smartphone. Run a check 🙂

Cheers 🙂

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