How To Resolve Android Play Store Error 927

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ANDROIDYesterday I tried updating my apps on my Android phone without luck. It gave me this “Error 927” message !

Error 927 is related to the Android Play Store. It makes downloads and updates impossible.

I kept trying until I saw another message telling me that my update cannot be completed because the memory on my phone was not enough. I checked my phone’s memory – device and memory card – and discovered that I had enough memory to accommodate the update.

At this point, it was obvious it had nothing to do something else. I once had a problem with my browser (Google Chrome) being slow. Clearing the browser’s cache, cookies and browsing history resolved the problem for me. So I tried the same with the problem I was having with my Play Store. And that was it ! 🙂

What did I do?
Step 1 – I opened my Apps lists (Settings => Apps).
Step 2 – I opened those apps that I often use, like Facebook, Twitter and others and
Step 3 – I cleared the cache (Settings => Apps => select an App => Clear cache). This reduced the cache of those apps to 0.00B

That’s it ! With this, my updates became possible.

Another thing you can do to resolve error 927 or inabilty to use your Play Store to update or download is to clear the cache of the Play Store app itself. You can do this by clicking on : Settings => Apps => Google Play Store => Clear cache. This can be done alone or in addition to the procedure above. 

If you have any issues, I am available to assist… of charge of course 🙂

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