Marriage And Parenting : The Genotype Factor

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This post has been on the queue for a while. But given the amount of pain and sorrow that the ignorance (deliberate or lack of knowledge) of this crucial issue has brought and may being to many marriages and homes, I decided to give it a priority.

I got the inspiration to do this post after watching a film which showcased the plight of a Sickle Cell Disease patient. It was full of sorrow and tears…..sorrow and tears which could have been avoided if the parents of the lady had deemed it necessary to find out what their genotype were before going ahead to get married. It also took me down memory lane to an ex-course mate and colleague who found life and living to be very rough as a result of the Sickle Cell Disease.

Falling in love is cool. Getting married is a fantastic idea. But a marriage that ignores or does not know about the importance of a genotype screening/test in marriage is merely entering a lion’s den and damning the consequences.

I am not a medical Doctor. I do not need a medical Doctor to do this post as I do not intend to do a medical analysis. My good knowledge of Biology, what I have seen in the life of sufferers of the sickle cell disease and simple research, are good enough for me to advice would-be couples to KNOW THEIR GENOTYPE BEFORE GETTING MARRIED; If not for any reason, but for the sake of the well being of their future children.

Genotype is the genetic makeup of a cell, an organism,
or an individual usually with reference to a specific
characteristic under consideration. 
– Wikipedia

My quest for knowledge about this health condition took me to many search results. Please consult a medical Doctor or search online to read very informative write ups on genotype, sickle cell disease and how it affects marriage and children. But before you do, please check out other interesting ever green posts below 🙂

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Wishing you marital bliss 🙂


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