Current Airtel (Nigeria) BlackBerry Plans

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airtelThe BlackBerry app, popularly called “BBM,” is no doubt one of the most popular instant messaging app globally, just as BlackBerry phones have become very popular too globally.

The fact that the app can now work on non-BlackBerry devices has really increased its popularity a great deal. Another thing that makes the BlackBerry app very popular, especially among students, is the fact that BB internet plans are far more economical that other mobile platforms.

In a bid to further make BB devices more useful for their purposes, Airtel (Nigeria), in its characteristic manner of providing affordable data plans and services, has made available, the following data plans to its subscribers using both BlackBerry devices and non-BlackBerry devices. 

Please find below, the current BlackBerry data plans:

For BlackBerry devicess :

BB AbsoluteMonthly30 Days*485#bismonth3,0004GB
Weekly7 Days*486#bisweek500500MB
Daily1 Day*487#bisday20080MB
BB CompleteMonthly30 Days*440*1#bcm1,4003GB

For BlackBerry and non-BlackBerry devices:
BB CompleteWeekly7 days*440*2# bcw400100MB
Daily1 Day*440*3#bcd10010MB
BB UnlimitedMonthly30 Days*440*16# bbum 1,5002GB
Weekly7 Days*440*17# bbuw525200MB
Daily1 Day*440*18# bbud10040MB

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Image credit : Screen shot of Airtel’s web page

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