Easily Locate Your Contacts With The Glo Family And Friends Finder

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Innovation seems to be one of the best strategies to outsmart competitors in today’s very harsh business environment. And technology seems to be a very powerful tool in strategising to, not only stay afloat, but remain on top of your game.

gloOne of such innovations which I stumbled into is the Glo Family and Friends Finder from one of Nigeria’s foremost telecom service provider, Globacom.

What is it all about?
This service enables you to locate your family and friends that are on the Glo network. Companies can also use this service to optimize operations by locating employees like drivers, sales representatives, field engineers and so on.

Glo Family & Friend Finder works with every phone. Locations are defined with landmarks that are locally well-known places such as prominent buildings, parks, market places etc.

What about my privacy and security?
I was concerned about this too. However, this was considered in packaging the services as user privacy is fully protected. You have to consent to being located before the other person can find you. If a person doesn’t provide consent, one cannot be located by others.

How do you do this?
Simply accept their request by sending YES to 5511.

How do I get on board?
You don not need to register for the service. Simply Send “Find <phone number>” to 5511 and know the whereabouts of your loved ones for just N50 per request.

What if you accidentally accept a request or want to opt of the service?
Simply send STOP <PHONENUMBER> to 5511. That will stop one specific person from locating you.

How do you stop someone from tracking you?
Send LIST to 5511 and you can see if you have granted location rights to people erroneously. If you want to stop others from locating you, please send STOP <PHONENUMBER> to 5511 that will stop one specific person locating you.

Alternatively you can send STOP to 5511. In this case, nobody is able to locate you and you cannot locate others until new FIND rights have been given.

Can you hide yourself from being located?
Yes. You can hide for 24hrs for just N20. Simply send HIDE to 5511. To unhide, simply send UNHIDE to 5511 

Is there an App for this service?
Yes, there is an app for popular brands like Android and Blackberry phones. Simply visit their App stores for the download. The Glo Family and Friends Finder app is integrated with your contact list in the phone.

Is there any other info related to this service?
Yes. If you need to read more, CLICK HERE.

So, take a step further and Rule Your World 🙂

Cheers 🙂

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