Current Airtel (Nigeria) Internet Settings For Android Devices And Windows Phones

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Normally, smart devices are auto configured, meaning that as soon as you insert your SIM card, the internet settings are arrive automatically. However, a malfunction might affect the settings from arriving automatically. Also, the settings could have been tampered with.

TABWhere any of these occurs, internet access becomes impossible. That means you have to reset the internet settings.

If you are on the AIRTEL network and you have need to ever need to reset your Android phone or tablet or your Windows phone like the Lumia series, then please find the current internet settings below:

 – Settings > More Settings > MobileNetwork > Access Point Names > Click on Menu options > New APN > Name > type inaccess. Click on APN >
Username   – Leave blank
Password  – Leave blank
Access Point Name (APN) –
Home page –
Click on Authentication type > type inPAP

Steps – 
Settings> Mobile Networks > Edit APN >
Username –
Leave blank
Password –
Leave blank
Aceess Point Name (APN) –
Home page –

Be careful when doing the settings as minor errors are enough to deny you access to the internet.

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