How To Browse Facebook Without Internet Connection Using MTN

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In one of my earlier posts, I shared how to browse Facebook without internet connection. How ever, that was limited to Airtel subscribers. I did promise to do another similar post as soon as I have the info.

In this post, I will be sharing how MTN subscribers can equally enjoy such a service. It is called the MTN Quick Facebook Service.

How do you get on board?
* Simply dial *510# and press the send button and wait for a prompt.
* Enter Facebook Username & Password.
* Facebook Menu pops up.
* Selecting any Facebook Menu Option, you will be prompted to agree to the subscription charges.
* Once subscription is accepted, your service will be activated.

Is MTN Quick Facebook the same as the Facebook you are used to?
Yes, it is.

What kind of phones can access this service?
it is compatible will all GSM Phones

Is it free of charges?
No. It is subject to subscription charges as follows:
* Daily (i day) – N5
* Weekly (7 days) – N25
* Monthly (30 days) – N100

That’s it.

Cheers 🙂

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