How An App Can Turn Out To Be A Good Withness

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Screenshot_2014-11-20-16-08-19Imagine talking to someone on phone and the person later denied some or all of what he or she said. That could really hurt. Isn’t it?  Yeah it will 🙂

Also, imagine having a long conversation with someone and you had to relay the conversation to another person. One thing I am sure of is that you are most likely to give an abridged version of the conversation. You might even miss out some vital part of the conversation. What about calling a friend and someone else picks the call and denied all or some of what he or she said on phone. I am sure many of us have found ourselves in these or similar situations before 🙂

Well, thanks to modern technology 🙂 Today, there are many apps that you can download and install on your smart devices to help you do all the talking when you need to do them all over again or when you have to prove a point. A very good one that has been doing a very good job of recording my conversations is the Call Recorder by Clever Mobile. I got it from the Android Play Store. Like I noted on my post on boosting internet connection, I normally use users’s views and number of downloads to know how good or bad an app is. As at the time of doing this post, over 10 million downloads (see my screen shot) have been made and very nice comments have been made about the app.

Aside from these…
1. The app works offline
2. The app records calls as soon as you press the SEND button, and not when the call is picked
3. Thus, even when the call is not picked, the call is still recorded

I think these features explains the huge downloads that has been recorded so far.

So, get a good “wittiness” in Call recorder by Clever Mobile. I think those guys are really clever 🙂

So, save yourself from the stress of talking when an app can do it for you….thanks to a very good “withness” 🙂

Cheers 🙂

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Michael M.

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