Facts About The New MTN (Nigeria) 4.5GB Data Plan

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MTNHii 🙂 Hope you are having a good time 🙂 This post became necessary as an answer to questions I have been asked about the new MTN (Nigeria) 4.5GB data plan. Infact, I woke up this morning to see an SMS on my phone about the data plan.

If you visit the MTN website, you will find three data plans with the same data allowance of 4.5GB. So, what is the difference? I actually stumbled upon a blog which actually gave a code for the plan which I later discovered was not correct for the new plan. So, I decided to place a call to the Customer Care guys to get the latest info on the data plan. If you have read my post on MTN Xtra Time, you would have seen that the info I got from the Customer Care guys was different different from what was available online (perhaps as a result of the site not being updated).

Please find my findings about the new 4.5GB plan below:

What kind of device is it designed for?
The plan is designed for smart devices (phones and tablets)

What is the time range for the gigabytes?
1.5GB    =>  6.01 am – 8.59 pm (day time)
3G         =>  9.00 pm – 55.59 am (night time)

What if your 3.00 GB gets exhausted first?
Then your 1.5GB will now run all day.

What if the 1.5GB gets exhausted first?
Then your you can only browse at night since the 3GB is exclusively for night browsing.

How much does this data plan go for?

For how long?
30 days

How do you get on board?
Simply send 120 in an SMS to 131 or dial *120#

That’s it.

If you ask me, when you consider MTN’s wide coverage and internet quality, I think it is worth going for.

So, tell a friend by sharing this good news 🙂

Thanks for your time 🙂

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One thought on “Facts About The New MTN (Nigeria) 4.5GB Data Plan

  • December 4, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    I have tried it out. I was more concerned about the deduction of the MBs to be sure it is done as MTN claims. It actually turned out out as they claimed.


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