How To Boost Your Internet Connection

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IMG_20141122_101747Internet service providers use different technology to provide connection for its users. One thing that is common globally is the varying quality of internet connection made available to users. While some internet services can be said to be excellent, some can be said to be very good. Sadly, some can be described and as very poor.

The good news is that there is way to go around poor internet internet services or to boost good connections which can malfunction once in a while.

For smart phone users, one way out of this problem is to download and install an app that can boost your internet connection or reconnect you when you are disconnected. In my search for better internet connection, I have downloaded and installed a number of internet boosters apps, which I later had to delete because of poor performance or simply not working at all. However, I stumbled into one app which I have been using which can best be described as very good. Firstly, before downloading apps, I usually read the previews (found at the bottom of the screen) to see what users have to say about it. I also look at the number of downloads to see if it is popular. Good apps always have large number of downloads.

The app is called  Connection Stabilizer Booster. So far, its been a very impressive performance for me, even though not perfect. So, I thought I should share it with you because I know poor internet connection is common occurrence every where. I doubt if there is any internet service provider that gives 100% performance.

So, you can give it a shot.

Thanks for your time 🙂

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