How To Verify Whether A Website Is Safe For Browsing

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internetIn this era of enormous use of the internet for business, educational or social purposes, it has become very necessary for us to be very cautious of the websites that we visit. The fact is that some websites are simply not NOT SAFE FOR VISITING !

These websites, which are not safe for browsing, are either:
1. Websites which contain codes which install malicious software onto the user’s computers.   Hackers can then use the software to capture and transmit users’s private or sensitive data. When people visit these sites, the software takes over their computer and is downloaded without their knowledge.

2. They could be phishing websites which pretend to be legitimate websites (the one you actually wanted to visit) and hence try to trick users into typing their username and password or to share other personal information.

The good news is that Google’s Safe Browsing technology examines billions of URLs (website addresses) per day looking for unsafe websites.

How can you carry out a check on a website’s safety?
Very simple. Simply put the website’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator or website address) in front of this link =>

For example, to test whether is safe for browsing, simply type and click on :

Google then gives you a very reliable status of the website. Read carefully to know whether to go ahead and visit the website or not. It’s as simple as that !!!

This simple exercise can safe us a lot of hassles. So, do not take chances with your online activities. Once in doubt, PLEASE VERIFY THE SAFETY OF THE WEBSITE.

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