MTN (Nigeria) Internet Service Configuration

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To make use of your gadgets to connect to the internet using MTN internet services (and other internet service providers), your device has to be properly configured for that purpose. Configuration can be achieved in any of the following ways:-

1. Pre-configuration – If your device is an MTN branded device like modems, you are sure to have the internet settings already configured before purchase. In this case, you are good to go as soon as you buy them.

2. Automatic configuration – This is found in devices that auto-configure themselves automatically as soon as you insert your SIM cards. This is common with smart devices like smart phones. Hence, there is instant internet connection to all networks without carrying out any configuration.

3. Over-the-air – If you are not using an MTN branded device, then you can obtain the settings by sending SETTINGS by SMS to 3888. This text is free of charge. If your device allows over-the-air updates, the internet settings (also known as APN or packet data settings) will be sent to you and you will be required to save the set up information that will be sent to you. Once this is properly done, you can then start browsing using the MTN internet service.

4. Manual configuration – For other types of devices, like windows-based phones, manual configuration will have to be carried out to have internet connection. The settings below applies to both GPRS AND 3.5G :

Account name                         :   MTN GPRS
IP Address                               :
Port                                          :   9201 for WAP and 8080 for HTML
Username                               :    web
Password                                :    web
Access Point Name (APN)    :

MODEM SETTINGS The fields I have seen in all the universal modems I have helped people to configure have always been:
Account name                        : MTN
Username                               :  web
Password                                : web
APN                                          :

Where however other fields like the Port and IP address are required, then provide as listed above. Also, some modems, like my HSDPA universal modem, loads the internet settings of all the networks as soon as you launch them on your system, thus removing the need for manual configuration.

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Thanks for your time and happy surfing 🙂

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