How To Remove Or Block A Connection On LinkedIn

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One thing I like a about LinkedIn is the fact that, to a large extent, it is made up of professionals you can connect with and have beneficial relationships, vis-a-vis your career, business, education or even family. However, like every other social media where the personality and intentions of the applicants are not subjected to scrutiny, LinkedIn, sadly, also has its own fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly connections.

Have you accepted an invite from a member and later regretted it and wanted to discontinue your connection with such a person and did not know how? Such a person could be sending you annoying and sometimes fraudulent messages or wanting to get too personal with you without you knowing each other? If yes, then you are not alone. I recently,regrettably, accepted an invite and unfortunately, the LinkedIn home page and profile pages do not have visible “remove connection” or “block connection” buttons.

As expected, I found out how. So, here is how to remove or block an unwanted connection:
1. Visit the connection’s profile page
2. You will see a Send a message button with a drop down arrow next to it.
3. Place your cursor on the arrow and view the options
4. At the bottom is “block or report” and “remove connection
5. Chose as appropriate. Each will tell you the consequences of your intended action, two of which includes:

1. You would not get those annoying (sometimes fraudulent) messages any more from the person
2. The person ceases to be one of  your connections.

To unblock a connection
To unblock a connection, follow the following steps:-

1. Hover over your pix at the top right of your screen. One of the options you will see is “Privacy and settings,” Click on it.

2. Look middle left ,and you will see profile

3. To the right are  two columns – Privacy controls and Settings. The last item under Privacy controls is Manage who you block.

4. Click on it and you will be taken to a page showing a list of those you have blocked.  You will also see an Unblock button. Click on it and your connection returns to the house 🙂 That’s it.

Have a rewarding Linking 🙂

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