What You Really Need To Know About MTN Xtra Time

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EXTRA TIMEImagine having a flat tyre on the highway in the late hours of the night. At such a time, what is common is to find people hurrying up to get home on time. So, nobody cares to stop to assist. The next thing is to reach out for your phone to call for help, only to be given a bombshell – “sorry your credit is not sufficient for this call….”

Also, imagine having to make a very urgent call in the dead of the night where it is practically impossible to buy a recharge card. What follows is better imagined than experienced.

Like they say “necessity is the mother of invention.” So, kudos to MTN for introducing a wonderful service like the MTN Xtra time. The MTN Xtra time which allows you to borrow air time, and then pay back when you recharge. Once, I needed to use the service, and dialed *606# as instructed by MTN. What I saw on my phone screen was the screen shot to the left. When I tried accessing the service, by typing and sending “1,” I was told I was not eligible to use the service. So, I went searching for reasons. Interestingly, MTN’s website had a very long write up which was not of much help. So, I looked for a simplified write-up from other websites/blogs. Interestingly, they all copied and pasted what I saw on the MTN website, including a code, *146#, which apparently, did not work with the service. My search finally took me to MTN’s customer service (180), which finally gave me what you really need to know about MTN Xtra Time.

So, these are what you really need to know about the service:

1. Dial *606#. What you see is the screenshot above. As you browse through the options, note that:

2. The service is available to only active prepaid MTN customers

3. Your SIM must be registered

4. Your SIM must have been active for at least 12 months

5. Your must have been recharging regularly

6. Your account balance must be between =N=0.00 and =N=12.00

7. You will be charged 10% of the amount borrowed on your next recharge

8. You can only borrow between N50 and N250


So, the “call-me-back-babes” do not have excuses anymore 🙂 Thanks to MTN Xtra Time 🙂

So keep talking 🙂

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Michael M.

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