Common Phone Problems You Can Resolve On Your Own

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Exif_JPEG_420I have helped friends and colleagues resolve countless phone problems, which, in some cases, prevented them from parting ways with some amounts of money for phone problems which can be resolved with just a few clicks on their phones.

I have put up a compilation of some of those minor problems which I have handled in the past. You never can tell, you could find one or some of them related to your own phone. Please read on…

1. Phone not browsing?

Likely causes:-
* wrong internet settings or you erroneously tampered with your internet settings
* server of the website you are visiting is down. Confirm by visiting another site
* Data plan has been exhausted
* mobile service provider has technical problems

Likely solutions:-
* check your internet settings to confirm that they are correct. You can seek for help or do a web search. You can count on me 🙂
* Renew your data plan if you discover that your data plan has been exhausted
* Turn off your internet connection and turn it on again after about two minutes. You can also do a hard restart by removing your phone battery and putting it back
*Call customer service

2. Browsing not fast?

Likely causes:-
*Your phone/browser’s memory could be packed full
*Poor service from network provider

Likely solutions:-
*delete cookies and caches. Click on your phones browser settings => history=>clear browsing data. Check the boxes in front of cookies and caches. This frees up your browser’s/phone’s memory and speeds up browsing. I do this regularly.

3. Phone not ringing out?

Likely causes:
*Your phone’s ringer is bad and may need replacement
*You have put your phone on silent or meeting mode. Usually, you should see an icon on your phone screen showing that you have turned off the sound of your phone.

Likely solutions:-
*first check your audio profiles. Check the volume setting. Also check the volume of your audio control, usually located by the side of most phones.
* If you are convinced that the settings are correct, then your phone’s ringer might be bad. See a good technician or see the phone dealer.

4. No network on the phone?

Likely causes:-
*You are likely to be in an area where the service provider has poor signals
*service provider could be having technical challenges
*your SIM card might be bad
*the network has been turned off (check your SIM settings)
*the SIM slot is bad

Likely solutions:-
*Remove your SIM card and wipe it gently without scratching the sensitive part
*Do a hard restart by removing your battery and placing it back after about one minute
*turn off the network (see settings, usually SIM management or whatever your phone manufacturer calls it) and then put it on again after about one minute
*Use another person’s phone to call customer service
*Change your location.
*If it is a phone is a double SIM phone, insert the SIM in the second SIM slot. If there is network, then it means that the other SIM slot is bad. See a technician.

5. App(s) not working?

Likely causes:-
*App not properly downloaded, installed or updated. My blackberry phone was damaged after an update of an application.
*App not downloaded from the right source.

Likely solutions:- Uninstall the app and re-install it again. Make sure you download from the right source. I make sure I do my downloads from Android’s Play Store.

WARNING: It is highly recommended that apps which refuse to work should be uninstalled immediately!!! Apps constitute a major cause of damage to phones, particularly smart phones.

6. Battery runs down too fast?

Likely causes:-
* Too many apps are running in the background
*Your battery is weak or of poor quality
*Your phone’s charger is bad. Seeing that your battery icon on your phone screen is scrolling does not mean that proper charging is taking place.
*High rate of usage especially listening to music and watching of videos for a long time

Likely solutions:-
*Open up your apps and view apps “running.” Stop as many as you feel you can do without.
*Turn off your internet connection if you will not be using the phone for a long time, such as when you are sleeping.
*Minimize the playing of music or watching of videos on your phone
* Try another charger to find out the status of your charger.

7. Data allowance dries up too fast?

Likely causes:-
*You must have turned on “auto update” of some apps
*Too many downloads
*High rate of usage
*You must have frequently visited sites that consume a lot of data such as Youtube and Facebook

Likely solutions:-
*Turn off auto update, but turn on update notifications so that you will be informed when an update is available
*Restrain yourself from visiting sites that consume a lot of data when your data balance is small
*Restrain yourself from too many downloads. Many of the smart phone users that I know have so many unnecessary apps on their phones. It is good to have a good amount of space in the internal memory of your phone.

8. Phone cannot read memory card?

Likely causes:-
*memory card not properly inserted
*Memory card has been damaged or corrupted

Likely solutions:-
*Check how you inserted the card and make sure it was properly done
*Replace memory card if it still refuses to work. Replacing it will show the status of the card

9. Phone refuses to come on?

Likely solutions:-
*battery is drained
*Battery not properly inserted
*contact point inside the battery compartment is bad
*Phone is damaged

Likely solutions:-
*Leave the phone to charge for a while.
*Confirm that you inserted the battery properly
*gently clean the contact point in the phone compartment and insert the battery again
*If all of these refuse to work, it may mean that your phone has a more serious problem that will need technical expertise

10. Phone screen not clear?

Likely causes:-
*rough usage
*using rough material to clean it
*Using sharp object to operate it
*Not providing good covering for it
*Screen protector not used

Likely solutions:-
*Discontinue rough usage
*Get a good cover for it. I use a purse-like jacket. My eight-month old Android phone looks as fresh as a new one 🙂
*Use soft materials to clean the screen. Never use any form of chemical

11. Phone not charging at all?

Likely causes:-
*Charger is bad
*No power supply in the socket
*Charging port on the phone is bad
*battery is completely worn out or drained. This happens if your phone is off.

Likely solutions:-
*Confirm that there is power supply in the socket
*Use another charger
*Use another battery
*If none of these works, it may mean that the charging port is bad and would have to be replaced

12. Phone charging slowly?

Likely causes: Charger not good enough for the phone

Likely solution: Change the charger. I noticed this when I got a second charger for my phone. The fact that your phone screen shows that the phone is charging does not really mean that proper charging is taking place.

13. No sound from your videos?

Likely cause/solution: You must have turned off the audio(or microphone) of the camera app. Turn it on

14. Your callers are not hearing you or you are not hearing your callers?

Likely causes:
*Your service provider could be having technical problems
*Your phone’s mouth piece or ear piece (as the case may be)could be faulty

Likely solutions:-
*Drop the call and try again.
*To know if it is a network or mouth or ear piece issue, use the phone to call again using a different network.

15. Your phone is slow or hangs?

Likely causes:-
*Your phone’s memory is likely to be packed full
*You have too many opened apps or avoidable apps running in the background
*An app is not working well, corrupted, not well installed or updated
*Virus infection

Likely solutions
*Free up your phone’s memory by closing apps that are not in use. Also stop some of the apps running in the background that you can do without.
*Run a virus scan. If you do not have an anti virus installed, do so.

I hope to publish another compilation soon. If you have found this post useful, please share via the media below. Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your time 🙂

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