Open Letter To The Children Of The World

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nenetusHii 🙂

Warm greetings to you all.

From the depth of my heart, I want to rejoice with you for seeing yet another Children’s Day:) You will appreciate the fact that not all the children who celebrated the last one are alive to celebrate this one. You are just privileged beneficiaries of the amazing grace of God.

If you have not thanked God today, please stop reading this post, and quickly thank God for His mercies over you. It is good to always thank God and people when they do something good to you.

For those lovely babies who are celebrating their first Children’s Day, I say congratulations to you too, and may the mercies of God give you more Children’s Day. For those of you born today, I say congratulations for your safe arrival 🙂

As you eat, drink and have fun today, please ponder over these ten thoughts of mine….

1. Put God first in all that you do. He will always direct you and bless all that you do.

2. Discover your talents and pursue them with hard work, determination and prayers.

3. A good talent and a good education will make you stand out.

4. Listen to and live by the words of wisdom of your parents, teachers and others who show concern over your welfare.

5. Beware of friends or peer groups that are likely to bring you regrets, kill your dreams or destroy your life.

6. If you are a girl, live a life of dignity and carry yourself in a respectable manner. Command respect from the boys.

7. Be trendy, fashionable and modern, but be decent in your dressing. You will be addressed the way you dress.

8. Imbibe good traits like humility, hard work, integrity, truthfulness, honesty, respect for people, sincerity, and fear of God.

9. Follow the developments in today’s internet and technology with wisdom and caution.

10. Visit my site my regularly. You will never regret you did 🙂

I wish you all the very best in life. I pray for God’s love to keep you all with your families. I also look forward to celebrating with you again next year, by the grace of God. To all of you, especially my lovely kids, i say Happy Children’s Day.

Your friend(and daddy) from afar,

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Michael M.

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