What’s In A Name?

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I have heard this question being asked before. A name is supposed to serve as a means of identifying an individual. A name prevents an individual from being called like a dog, cat or any other pet by making a sound.

Names are given for different reasons. I gave my son Daniel because of the awesome miracle God did when Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den (Daniel 6:1-28). 🙂 I gave my daughter the name Grace to constantly remind myself of God’s awesome magnanimity towards me and my family. Ever since, my daughter’s name has been working in her life. Hallelujah !!! 🙂

Another angle of looking at names, and the major reason for this post, is where an individual suffers for the sins he never committed, simply because he/she shares the same name with the ‘’sinner.’’

A story was once told of a lady who lost a good job simply because she was the daughter of a sadist lecturer who forgot that there was a world outside the campus which he had no power over. We have them in all our campuses. Some of them are worse than demons. The ladies, especially the pretty ones, probably have more sad stories to share. It was her surname that exposed her at the point of the interview. Unfortunately for her, the lady in charge had suffered sexual harassment in the hands of the dad back in the university.

Another lost a scholarship abroad simply because the man in charge was once a victim of the young man’s fatherwho was his former boss. He was said to be worse than the devil when they were working together.

In another instance, a young man had to change his surname simply because of the so many crimes the father had committed in the past. In yet another instance, what was supposed to be a future union was cut short as soon as the girl introduced herself. Her father murdered the young man’s father. That was the end of the short-lived love. How sad !!!

Instances of how a simple name can bring so much sorrow, disappointment and bad luck upon one’s life are common place. Perhaps as you read this post your mind would have taken you to a few instances.

However, the good news is that names have also opened doors for a lot people. The mere mention of their names brought them favour even when they did not deserve them.

So my message is very simple. Names are like seeds. They grow and bring all sorts of “fruits” depending on how they were nurtured over time.  Sadly, even the unborn eventually get to share from whatever comes with the names they meet in world.

So be careful, be wise and nurture your name very well….not for today, but for tomorrow 🙂

God help us all, amen !!!
FOOD FOR THOUGHT : What effects can our names have on those who bear them or make use of them? 🙂

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Michael M.

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