Surfing The Internet With Caution And Wisdom

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I love the internet a lot. I have become so dependent on it. I guess one way of proving this is having a website of my own which I single-handedly built on my own after getting a web host to host the WordPress app.

Before the advent of the internet, I was a one-way traffic kind of guy – only interested in business and finance, which is my area of specialization. The main reason behind this was obviously the difficulty of accessing information on other facets of life.

The coming of the internet in the early 90s changed my life all together – thumps up for Sir Timothy John ‘’Tim’’ Berners-Lee for his invention of the World Wide Web. I started off by going to internet cafes to surf the internet. I fell in love with the internet and how it works. I loved most the fact that I can get virtually any information from it.

My love for the internet grew when I bought my first internet-enabled phone, then a laptop, then a modem and then a blackberry phone and then an Android phone. My knowledge base became immeasurable. Getting information on virtually any topic became just a click away.

Then I opened my Facebook account. In no time, I reunited with many of my “lost” friends and relations. With time, sophisticated gadgets entered the market one after the other – tablets, smart phones, sophisticated satellite gadgets and much more. Communication became very easy and fast. By tapping or clicking “send” I am able to reach out to acquaintances in the farthest part of the world.

My adventure in the blogosphere has really shown me how powerful and far-reaching the internet can be.

At work, the internet became a wonderful assistant.  As an academician, the internet has really boosted my data base and confidence. It has become an indispensable working tool. It takes me seconds to source for any information – I mean any information. Beyond me, the internet has been a remarkable assistant in all spheres of live and discipline – medicine, architecture, arts, engineering, security, communication, agriculture, entertainment, oil exploration, education and much more. Any organisation that has not yet incorporated the vast benefits of the internet into its activities is obviously losing out big time and would definitely, in a short time from now, be finding it very difficult to cope with modern day business trends.

Sadly though, as we are enjoying this wonderful creation of man, some people, in secret places across the globe, on a daily bases, work so hard scheming how to use this creation to create pain in the heart of other internet users. Cybercrime is now common place. Hacking is now a means of livelihood for some people. The most alarming and the height of it all is DEATH arising from internet crime. Some years ago, Cynthia Osokogu, a 25 year old Nigerian student, was murdered by “friends” she made via Facebook on July 22, 2012. Many similar gory incidents have taken place since then, many of which we might never hear or read about.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Badoo, Tweeter and MySpace are wonderful creations of man too. For me, social networking has really closed up the distance between me, my friends and family members scattered all over the world. But unfortunately some users of these networks have refused to thread the internet with CAUTION and WISDOM. Otherwise, how do you see a lady, who agrees to meet a guy she met on Facebook, in an unfamiliar location, without fear of any danger and after even talking about similar meetings that ended up in a disaster.

One fact is clear – whatever precaution one takes can still be broken. But another greater fact is that it is worse and very dangerous when no precaution is taken at all.

Talking about precautions, check these out :-

* Do not release very personal details to non-trusted sites/organisation, such as bank account details and PINs.
* Do not give details of your credit cards online without caution.
* Do not go and visit a stranger you only got to know online without security arrangements.
* Do not disclose your actual locations to strangers.
* Do not discuss very intimate work details with a stranger.
* Do not agree to marry a “stranger’’ you got to know online without doing a thorough investigation about the person. Remember that he/she will definitely tell you “sweet’ things you would love to hear or read.
* Do not easily fall for “online love”
* Do not be deceived by some of the photos you see online, especially profile pictures. A beautiful lady could actually be fraudulent man !
* Do not post your home address on social networks’ walls. Inbox a friend if you need to.
* Do not disclose your financial status online.
* Avoid flamboyant photos online.
* Do not accept friend requests on social networks without caution.
* Do not give ANYONE unlimited access to your email and social network accounts.
* Always sign out from your email, social network or other accounts if you are using a
public  system or a system that is available for general use.
* Create passwords that are difficult to guess.
* Be careful with your downloads/installations. Some of those free stuffs are harmful !!!
* Do not click on links from untrusted sources
* Do not open emails from unknown sources
* Call your bank’s Account Officer (or your bank) before you respond to any email purportedly sent by your bank.
* Give your online accounts one layer of security by activating the two-factor verification protection. Click each of the following to see how to do that: Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo and Twitter
* Always “watch your back,” even when you are alone !!!

Like I said earlier, precautions can be broken, but it is very risky, dangerous and unwise not to take any precautions at all.

Wishing you happy and safe surfing !!!

Cheers 🙂

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