Only God Gives Free And Perfect Gifts !!!

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IMG0406AThe blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich,
and he addeth no sorrow with it – Prov 10:22

I just finished watching a Yoruba home movie(Nigerian)…a very interesting one. I love watching Yoruba films because I ALWAYS have good lessons to draw from them.

The film centered on a very familiar, but sad issue, which is the use of rituals to amass wealth. I have watched many similar films in the past, all bothering on impatience, desperation and the need to belong to the class of the affluent without following the generally acceptable paths to progress – hard work, determination, strong will, innovation, creativity, serving needs, perseverance….and prayers.

Like every other similar film I have watched, there were tales of regrets and dire consequences that followed the actions of a particular man who could longer cope with poverty and waiting on God. When the “expected” happened, there was this call to God for help – the same God that was completely relegated to insignificance earlier. Indeed, the man became rich…really rich, but things went wrong…things always go wrong.

“Better is little with the fear of the LORD
than great treasure and trouble therewith.”
Prov. 15:16

The fact is that those who indulge in such ungodly acts usually live a life of secrecy – they can never tell you where it hurts or the nature of their own “the rich also cry” tale. What you see is affluence and glamour without seeing the camouflaged “pains” that they go through.

Another fact is that the source of their wealth never forgets to continually ask for “payment” and “honour” which can come in so many ways. The extreme case being the sacrifice of human lives to keep the cash flowing !!! What kind of “enjoyment is this??? So, daily, the lives of innocent people have to be brought to an abrupt end so that cash can continue to flow for someone. Or, like in the case of the film I watched, someone’s life (or some people’s lives) has to be in perpetual misery for the cash to continue to flow.

One thing I cherish so much about God, and which often forces tears down my eyes, is His when it comes to giving. He is the only one I know who gives a perfect gift – a gift that is not spiced up with pain, sorrow or regrets. In fact, in ALL cases, He gives to us when we do not even deserve it (I stand to be corrected). And when He does, He gives it at no price, no hidden charges and timely. In some cases, His gifts leave you shedding tears rather than thanking Him. You shed tears because you feel that they are too much and you do not deserve His awesome magnanimity. Take a sinner like me, yes ME ! 🙂 Which human being would have given me two human beings as free gifts??? People spend millions looking for children, where they are not available. I am very sure, a man would have reminded me of my sins and disapproved of my requests for children. If he eventually gave me, I would have to be appeasing him regularly or lose my awesome gifts.

But God Almighty, the ULTIMATE, AWESOME, PERFECT AND FREE GIVER gives without rituals, without asking for money, without consideration for sins, without conditions, without regrets, without hidden charges, without pain and sorrow and with tons of peace of mind. This is more appealing to me and I chose to ask from Him and to also wait for Him. So far, the waiting has been worth it; and I am sure it will even get better and better and better 🙂

So, just before you turn your back on God, think deep…..really deep…..really really deep……especially as you may not find Him when you eventually decide to turn back to Him.

Blessed be His awesome name and many thanks for His generosity towards me and my family……and you too 🙂

What do you think?

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man,
but the end thereof are the ways of death – Prov 14:12

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Michael M.

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