My Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone

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keep ur head upRemember the classic by The Temptations : “Papa was a rolling stone. Where ever he lays his hat, was his home?” Well, if you are as “young” as I am, you should.

I came across the song and remembered my dad of blessed memory. I only added the word “not” cos my papa was certainly not a rolling stone. My best moment everyday is having a good time with my family, especially my two adorable angels (now a seven year+ and a 3 year +). Weekends are spent together and outings are done together. Weekdays, after work, we play together and share what I bought for them. For me it is always a great stress reliever after a hectic day. My kids always enjoy those moments a lot too. They display so much excitement when they sight me from a far distance on my return from work. For me, I prefer this type of fun to eating and drinking my stress away in a bar or any other joint. Different strokes for different folks you might say.

There is always an origin for everything we do. My dad was a real family man – comes home straight after work. No drinking. No smoking. No womanising. No late nights. Does not sleep out. He provided for the family within his resources and made his family his number one priority. He was a real father in the real sense of it. My dad was the best. His life style brought peace to the family and we were a source of envy to those who were even better than us financially.

I got the inspiration to do this post when I heard the very sad story of a married man who was a real rolling stone. He drank, smoked, womanised, kept late nights and sometimes, without telling his family, sleeps out. He sleeps where ever the night and “fun” catches up with him. And when he chooses to go back home, he is so drunk to play his role as a father, and of course, as a husband. There is hardly a day a fight does not take place in their home. And after the fight, he would go for days without a trace. This papa is a real rolling stone!

To make matters worse, he always refused to provide for his family, even when he could afford it. In fact, you will see it on the children, especially, that they lacked the care and love of a father. Otherwise how do you interpret a situation where he tells his friend to always lie to his wife that he is yet to be paid his salary. One obvious consequence in all of this is that his family was really in a bad shape. I pity the family a lot, especially the kids. Well, I just want to thank God that my papa was not a rolling stone. Cos if he was, there is the strong likelihood that I would have been one too. And my family would have been going through a similar ordeal as this man’s family. And by extension, my life would have been a true reflection of a troubled home.

As a father, having fun is cool, but when it hurts the family, you have to retrace your steps. If not, a time is coming when you will have no “home” to return to. Many children who are facing all sorts of crisis today, are products of “troubled homes.” As fathers we have a lot of role to play in fashioning a glorious path of life for our children. It simply requires a strong resolve to do so. Sometimes, we might even deprive ourselves of some things, including fun. No sacrifice can be too much for our families. IT IS A WORTHY SACRIFICE TO MAKE !!!

Happy parenting and thanks for your time 🙂

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Michael M.

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