How Far-Reaching Can Staff Welfare Go In Business ?

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take-care-of-ur-employess-ambroAs a Business Management specialist, I have had to do series of study on business resources and secrets of business success. In all my studies and work, I have always come to the conclusion that the most important of all business resources and the major secret of business success is not the sophisticated technology in place or the strong connections or the amount of financial power of the business owner. Neither is it the superb business acumen of the owner. Rather, business success or failure, hinges on the quality of the human resources available at his disposal.

A friend once said that the reason why one of the banks here in Nigeria was doing far more than the others was because of the sophisticated technology it had put in place, especially in the area of internet banking. I said No ! I do not agree. To start with, those equipment were suggested by the staffers of the bank. Secondly, it takes the staffers to make the machines operational. It also takes the staffers to tackle problems when they occur. Without humans those machines will forever be what they are – machines 🙂 !!!

In all sectors of the economy, workers are not treated as the geese that lays the golden eggs. What you have is mass exploitation of workers and in some cases, a complete disregard for generally acceptable standards for human treatment – ranging from high rate of retrenchment/dismissals, to inhuman treatments, to unreasonable working hours, to working 365 days a year, to zero-welfare schemes and very unreasonable salaries. The golden geese have been reduced to layers !!!

Check these out : In such  organisations, there is always very low morale, low productivity, high tendency to cheat or defraud the organisation, very low dedication and loyalty from employees, constant grumbling and dissatisfaction, very low tendency to be creative and very high staff turnover.

However, thumbs up for those organisations that see and treat their workers as truly the geese that lay the golden eggs and therefore have to be well nurtured for better production. These organisations are noted for excellent welfare policies  – free meals, all-expense-paid holiday trips, free accommodation, staff bus services, subsidized acquisition of home appliances, bonuses, excellent health services, scholarship for children of employees, humane treatment of employees, excellent award/reward system and salaries that makes vacancies to be very scarce in such organisations, among others.

Such organisations have very high staff loyalty, highly motivated work force, high productivity, creativity, dedication to service by employees and very low or insignificant staff turnover. Except for very strong reasons, why would one want to leave such organisations ?

I am one of those who see staff welfare expenses as investments, because that is exactly what it is. It is an investment that always yields good returns. If you want to find out the results of having or not having a good welfare policy in place in an organisation, check out those organisations that either have them or do not have them in place. The results are so easy to see.

And like I always say, it is a matter of choices – to act rightly withing available resources or not willing to, even in the midst of plenty.

Thanks for your time.

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Michael M.

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2 thoughts on “How Far-Reaching Can Staff Welfare Go In Business ?

  • May 21, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Well said. This is a major challenge in Nigerian companies. The management is mostly concerned abt seeing results and not giving attention to the welfare of employees, who are to produce these results. Hope staff will be more appreciated, even though this is almost impossible due to the high rate of unemployment in d currently. Der4, if a staff is demotivated or nt willing to wrk, he will b immediately replaced.

    • May 22, 2014 at 11:10 am

      Hello dear 🙂 Thanks for your visit and very candid observation. I share the same views with you. Its a pity that many business owners do not appreciate the fact that their existing good hands are better than the better ones that are outside. All the existing ones need is is the right motivation and appropriate remedial actions to be far better than the ones outside. It takes deep reasoning to understand my view point. Please check back for my posts on “10 COMMON FAR-REACHING MISTAKES MADE BY BUSINESS OWNERS/MANAGERS. Thanks again for the visit. Looking forward to seeing you around again 🙂


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