God Speaks In So Many Ways…

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bible-4“Many years ago, while I was still struggling to pay my school fees, an old man met me and said: “One day, you will travel abroad as often as a woman goes to the market”. I looked at him and received it. “Yes sir, thank you”. Although it appeared too incredible to me then but today, I spend more time abroad than I do in Nigeria.” – (Pastor E.A. Adeboye, General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church Of God).

You just never can tell when and how God will speak to you through someone.

With God, impossibilities does not exist and He speaks through whoever and however He pleases…..that is why He is God !

In was bothered about an issue sometime ago. Later, I opened one of my Twitter accounts (www.twitter.com/infoplaze), and guess what. God spoke to me through one of tweets I saw on my home page. Again, one Saturday, I was bothered about issues related to destiny. The following day, a Sunday, I went to church and guess what the Pastor announced as the topic of the sermon….DESTINY !!! Last week, I was also disturbed about issues related to obstacles. Then I got a  message from a friend who sends me inspiring messages every morning. Before opening it I said “Lord speak to me.” He did !!!

So when next someone says “you look rich.” Simply accept the “prophecy,” even though you are not sure of where the next meal will come from. If your little child tells you “daddy/mummy please don’t go to work today” in an unusual manner, please be cautious 🙂

Do have a blissful day. 🙂

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Michael M.

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