Resolving “Cannot Read SIM Card” Problem

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SIM CARD - Salvatore VuonoHi. Have you inserted your SIM card into your phone before and you saw “Cannot read SIM card?” This means you all your contacts will not be seen. It also means that something is wrong somewhere. Well, I experienced it when I inserted my wife’s MTN SIM card into the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i I got for her. I tried all I could to retrieve the numbers from the SIM card without success. As someone who has helped friends and colleagues to resolve countless phone and computer issues, I knew there was a solution hiding somewhere within the phone.

What came to my mind, after handling so many phone brands, was the “importing” or “copying” option. This involves moving data from one source to another. It worked !!! Here is what I did :

1. Tap the “phone book” button. You will not see any of your contacts.

2. Tap “options” button

3. Tap the “more” button

4. Tap the “import contacts” button

5. Tap the ‘SIM card” button

6. Tap “import all” button

7. Your SIM card contacts will be imported to your phone. You can confirm by removing your SIM card to see if your contacts are on the phone.You will find them there.

And if you are scared that you will lose all your contacts on the SIM card, relax! In all cases of importing, uploading or copying, the source of the data still retains the data (I stand to be corrected). You can verify by inserting your SIM card into another phone.

Note : Even though these steps are applicable to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i, it is most likely to work for other phone brands, including those that are not Sony Ericsson Xperia, that have the option of “importing” or  “copying’ of contacts. Most smart phones and regular phones do.

It is also important to advice that if you are not sure of what to do. GET HELP !

Thanks for your time and good luck 🙂

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