If Not For God…

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give thanksLike a seed I germinated
In my mother’s womb
He kept me in there
With so much uncertainty
Will I live?
Will I develop well?
Will my mother survive it?

I would have dried up
Or developed into a monster
Or ended up in the waste bin of the maternity ward
So much uncertainty

But we made it
Me an my mother
Against all odds
Many did not make it
Many mothers and babies
But we were favoured
Me and my mother
Joy and celebration filled the air

If not for God…

And I lived on
Because He wanted it so
I wish I could really be more thankful
Be thankful when I arrived safely
With my mother by my side
But it’s better little than no praises at all

Then He took my hands
And took me for a walk
A walk through life
And I moved on
Year after year
He held tight unto my hands
Through thick and thin
With my parents safely kept for me

Three beautiful companions joined me
To keep me company
To make me smile when I was lonely
And we grew up
Then He re-called one of us back home
To leave this sinful and wicked world
As I had no one to turn to, I cleft unto Him

When I needed knowledge
He kept molding my brain
Year after year
And I kept acquiring knowledge
For He was by my side all through
They said I am intelligent
They called me the Prof.
But I know that if not for God, I would have been unnoticed
Unnoticed like a beautiful flower no one ever noticed

Surviving in today’s world is very tough
But, in His mercy, He has held my head up
Keeping shame and penury away from me

If not for God….

Years rolled by
I needed to break free
To be a man
To start up a home
To survive independently
He gave me a roof over my head
He clothe me
He never let me starve

Year in year out
Like a tree, I developed branches
One, two, and then three
Three beautiful branches
It was no longer me, myself and I
For God decided to bless me
A sinner like me

My branches have grown
Year in year out
Looking so beautiful
Looking so radiant
Looking so healthy
Not looked upon with pity
But looked at as lucky ones
With the glory of God shining upon them
Such that the blind can even see the glory

Like Oliver Twist
I ask for more
Grace, mercy, protection, and His favour
For me and all that is mine

If not for God…

Even www.infoplaze.com would have remained in my dreams.
He planned with me
He has been directing me.
He has been protecting it
He has been fine-tuning it for me
He has been encouraging me

He did all these because He is and will always be awesomely magnanimous, merciful, loving and patient

I will yet praise thee for ever
Lord, all glory to you

Blessed be your holy name.
Thank you so much

If not for God…

Image courtesy: Prayers for Special Help

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Michael M.

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2 thoughts on “If Not For God…

  • December 15, 2016 at 7:01 am

    I celebrate the doer of this blessing in your life.

    • December 15, 2016 at 12:24 pm

      Tanks a lot Ijeoma. I appreciate it. Tanks for visiting.


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